The divide in our nation was never more evident than what was demonstrated by a pollster on the Laura Ingram show, (12/20/19). The pollster asked a panel of about 30 Democrats to describe their opinion of Trump supporters. I was stunned by the hateful disrespect,and arrogance. To a person on the panel their responses were, ignorant, uneducated, racist, uninformed.

Not one had the decency to remember they are talking about fellow Americans who differ on policy, and do not vote based on personality. It would have been my preference if asked my opinion of Democratic voters to answer that simply, we differ on our preference of governance. They are not my enemy and I do not denigrate them and play into the nasty, ugly rhetoric, not only in politics, but across social media that is so prevalent in today’s world.

Have your candidates give me a reasonable, realistic platform to vote for. As of yet, not one has come even close. Raising taxes, more government control over our lives, open borders, reparations for illegal immigrants, more regulations, destroying industries/jobs, failed health care programs, allowing felons to vote from prison, doing away with the Electoral College and a very strong suggestion that socialism is the future of America. Explain to me why I should vote for this platform, and please refrain from denigrating Americans by insulting us because we have different political opinions.

Bill Howard



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