The hole in your paper’s op-ed page is huge now. Dr. Melvyn Fein will be missed greatly by those like me who were fans of his thinking and his work.

I looked on Mel as more than a similar thinker. I looked on him as a friend ... a friend who graced our Georgia Tea Party meetings as a guest speaker ... and a friend who visited my family room every Monday morning, dispensing advice about politics and life in his columns.

I sort of feel like Scout in “To Kill a Mockingbird,” when Rev. Sykes tells her, “Miss Jean Louise, Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Your father’s passing.” Except, in this case, a man my own age has passed.

Mel, I will miss your knowledgeable weekly columns, when you gave us knowledge, learned — not in school — but in living life and observing and absorbing. Lots of people live and observe, but they don’t learn. You did, sir, and we’re all the better for what you passed on to us.

You and I, Mel, didn’t agree on what we would experience after we depart this plane of existence and go to the next. But, you know the truth now, as I will one day.

With appreciation, sadness, fondness and love,

Don Spruill



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