Watching the pomp and ceremony of the Democratic Impeachment of the president, I had to wonder how it will be remembered. Lunacy can be defined as being detached from reality which results in harmful beliefs and actions that are destructive to oneself and others.

The left has detached its self from the reality of western civilization, Christianity, and the founding principles of the USA. It has chosen instead to embrace the musing of Carl Marx and the catastrophic results that follow. Be it socialism or communism, being contrary to human nature, a resort to compulsory force is always required. Hence the gulags, re-education camps and mass murder all dismissed as necessary and acceptable to achieve a better end.

Eliminating Donald Trump is a necessary step to dealing with his deplorable supporters. It is ironic that the left has accused the president of the very crimes that they themselves have committed. Joe and Hunter Biden are the poster children representing the corruption of the DC swamp. Because of the president’s pushing for the Ukraine to investigate and expose their criminality, the Democrats resort to accusing the president of the crime under investigation. They are guilty of collusion and obstruction in attempting to pull off this deceptive masquerade. Perhaps the epitaph will be a combination, the lunatic criminals of the left unsuccessfully attempted to capture the impeachment court. Pray to God that it should be so!

Ralph Bruce



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