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John Taylor

Very dignified letter

Mike Nelson

The squad at Cobb BOC will be so upset. And who cares.

O. G.

Excellent representation of my family's opinion!

The pro-cityhood people of west Cobb -- those who wanted to create the City of Lost Mountain because we knew, eventually, Cupid was going to start shenanigans like this, are remembering when Gambrill turned against our effort because, in her words, "I have never been outvoted."

The irony woul be satisfying, except that Lisa Cupid is breaking the law & Burrell & Gambrills constituents, about half the citizens of the county apparently have no representation. At least while our elected officials are sitting in the corner with the headmistress from he LL who's forgotten she's there to uphold the law, not break it.

George Don Spruill

Anyone who truly follows politics in America should not be surprised that Lisa Cupid, Democrat, is behaving in an immoral fashion. The Democrat Party is 1. The party of historic racism…against Blacks, and present racism against Whites, and is 2. The party which favors abortion, even though an estimated half of all abortions are of Black babies. Lisa Cupid is a Democrat. There aren’t any worse names in the dictionary to call someone. I’ll never be surprised at what she’s willing to do. I will admit, however, that I WAS surprised that another Democrat, a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Raphael Warnock, turned his back on that same Christ and said he’s for a woman’s right to choose (to have strangers kill their babies). I don’t think either of these two will ever do anything approaching the right thing.

Bob Andrews

Rep. Ginny Ehrhart clearly understands the Issue!

Cupid is a very serious problem for Cobb County.

RL Bays

Why is she a serious problem for Cobb County?

Jack Hassard

I've read and studied the article about the commissioners leaving a meeting over the redistricting map that the Cobb Commissioners remapped. Ms. Ehrhart, an elected representative to the Georgia legislature might have considered another way to voice her opinion. Perhaps she could go to the next board meeting, sign and have her 5 minutes to read her opinion. Or she could write a letter to all the commissioners expressing her opinion.

Bob Andrews

Rep. Ehrhart did express her opinion to Cobb Commissioners in a brief thoughtful way. Cupid is a severe problem for Cobb County Taxpayers and Voters!

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