When I was in school, 1947 to 1964, we were taught that Socialism (and its big brother armed with guns and knives, Communism) was a bad thing, ensuring poverty and totalitarianism.

There is still, down through history, not a single case of success for a country which truly is Socialist. (And don’t give me the lie that Sweden is Socialist. It isn’t. Wise up!)

Yet, the persons coming out of college today, with their 2002 to 2019 education, are drawn to Socialism like moths to flames.

What is being taught in our public schools? My children, who graduated in 2000 and 2004 are products of government schools. If they were of elementary school age today, I would sell everything I own to send them to private schools where they’re taught the truth. We’re teaching our children today Leftist nonsense, and it’s dangerous.

God help us! (Oh, that’s right. He isn’t allowed on school grounds.)

Don Spruill



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