I read recently that a newly created group called The East Cobb Alliance has been formed to oppose the creation of a new city in East Cobb by the East Cobb Cityhood Group. It appears that a battle is brewing between both sides of the cityhood issue. Each side seems to have solid facts that support their positions.

Right now, it looks like we may have a tough and long drawn-out debate for almost a year.

When I bring up the proposed cityhood subject to my friends or neighbors, very few of them have a clue about the issue. It seems that they’re so busy on Facebook or twittering about so much insignificant and trivial information with their handheld devices that they pay no attention to what’s important in their lives.

Hopefully, if the new city issue comes to a vote next year, everyone will have done their homework and votes fully informed.

When the East Cobb Cityhood Group was formed at the end of last year, I was asked by the ECCG President to serve on their initial steering committee. I resigned after two meetings because of a disagreement with his transparency policy. I believe there’s nothing wrong with the ECCG wanting to create a new city in east Cobb for all the right reasons. They say that two of their main three reasons for a new city are that the Cobb police and fire departments are inferior. I wholeheartedly disagree. For more than 10 years, I was appointed by my district commissioner and worked closely with the Cobb Police and Fire Departments while serving on the County Safety Commission. They are the best qualified and trained public safety personnel than any citizen could ask for.

No one will ever convince me that they are inferior.

I hope that if this effort to create a new City of East Cobb has to be voted on next year, citizens will put down their cellphones and make an informed and intelligent decision at the polls. Meanwhile, and unless something drastic changes before the fall of 2020, I like east Cobb just the way it is.

Joe O’Connor



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