The climate change hysteria is second only to the impeachment frenzy. A recent op-ed in the MDJ was a plea to Sens. Isakson and Purdue to “do something!” and many others commenting that something must be done to combat and stop climate change.

Climate has been changing since the beginning of time and will continue to do so until Armageddon. However, I see pollution as a major problem facing Mother Earth. No disrespect to our senators, but I think that most people have as much common sense as they, and that there are some things we can all do to impact pollution without additional laws or action by the government. There are laws on the book regarding pollution and dumping trash. Some may be difficult to enforce, but if every citizen helped, the improvements would be astounding. Every week my husband picks up a full bag trash along Burnt Hickory from Polk Street to the park. Trash includes drink-size liquor bottles, fast food wrappers, cups, and bags, plastics, and other larger items.

What we can do:

First, do not litter. Trash must be disposed of properly, not along the roadside. Make a project of picking up trash from the road, if only that near your own neighborhood. It cleans up the environment and is good exercise. Do it with the urchins – a teachable moment.

Use less plastic. Reusable grocery bags are an excellent way to cut down on plastics.

Try reducing the number of prepackaged foods. Nothing like a good home cooked meal! Probably healthier too.

Try carpooling. Let the children ride the bus to school. Imagine how much carbon could be reduced if just 10 cars per day per week were eliminated. Think of the volumes of emissions in the drop-off and pick-up lines at the schools.

Yes, perhaps our senators could do more, but we as citizens can also do our part. I am offering up a challenge to our community to help protect and clean Mother Earth! If we do nothing to solve the problem, then we become the problem.

Gloria Miller



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