So called “progressive” Democrats have a ploy I see them using again and again. They cannot win on the basis of facts, so they instead create a problem that does not exist. If you disagree with the premise by insisting there is no problem, then they label you as “against” whatever it is they are trying to do.

Case in point, Democrat friends of mine were trying to tell me that Cobb needs more polling locations because people do not have enough opportunity to vote. Not only do we have plenty of polling places, you can advance vote before an election, and you can easily secure an absentee ballot. Suddenly I get labeled as being in favor of voter suppression.

Democrats like to tell me that the Georgia secretary of state is purging legitimate voters from the registration rolls. I counter noting that the folks being purged haven’t voted in over six years, have been sent reminders to their last known address, and can easily reinstate their status. Again, by supporting Secretary Raffensperger’s constitutional duty to protect the integrity of our voter rolls, I am labeled as being in favor of voter suppression. Never mind that Georgia’s efforts to make it easier to vote have increased voter rolls in all parties.

A recent social media discussion with a Democrat friend over the Northwest Corridor express lanes revealed that Democrats aren’t interested in solving problems. These folks are upset over the millions spent on the Northwest Corridor. Commute times have been significantly reduced both for those in the express lanes and those in the regular lanes. These Dems are upset that the Northwest Corridor didn’t remove ANY cars from the roads. Had Cobb wanted to spend billions on light rail instead of roads, we’d still be in the planning stages with no rail built. Democrats want to legislate behavior (getting people to give up private transportation for public) versus solving a problem. The Northwest Corridor is an example of a public-private partnership that works and will pay for itself, and it just boils Democrats’ blood to see it being successful.

I see this same formula play out in the school board and in county government. Georgia’s Democrats create fake problems so they can espouse unneeded solutions, all of which take more of our tax dollars.

Bronson Beisel



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