For years, we’ve watched the Cobb County Commission treat the Cobb County Police Department as nothing other than a pea-filled little bag kicked around in a hacky sack game.

What this commission clearly enjoys most is spending our taxpayer money on frivolous things like employee gymnasiums, research studies to help enrich their pals at the Cobb Chamber, and illegally granting pay raises to Cobb judges, all the while demonstrating quite the short shrift to funding county public safety and the CCPD.

A solution developed and proposed by the East Cobb Alliance is to break out a portion of the county general fund and dedicate it to the CCPD. This is not unheard of in counties such as Gwinnett, a county slightly more populous than Cobb. In Gwinnett, they dedicate 1.60 mills to exclusively fund their county police.

We already fund part of our public safety via the 2.86 mills dedicated to Cobb Fire & EMS. Why can’t the Commission carve-out a dedicated millage from the general fund to adequately fund the CCPD & Public Safety?

It would certainly be a better solution than hearing county commissioners constantly criticize our public servants in blue.

Bill Simon

East Cobb Alliance



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