These crazy never Trumpers, their hate for Donald Trump is so great that they can’t even think straight. A writer says he cannot understand why Trump has a 34% approval ratings, wrong, Trump’s approval ratings are 52%. It is clear he is getting his information from the fake news channels that never say anything good about Trump.

As for his campaign promises, he has kept all of his promises he made, even though the liberal Democrats have fought with him at every step. He is building the wall, the economy is booming, and it’s not because of anything Obama did, Obama polices were holding back the country from growing. Their hatred for Trump is so bad that they can’t see that unemployment is the lowest in 50 years, the first time in history we are energy dependent, for you liberals that mean we don’t have to buy oil from the Middle East, from people that hate us and trying to kill us. The so-called trade wars never got started because China gave in soon as it started, because they knew they had been taking advantage us us for years.

These “fake news channels” are lying and misleading the American people for one reason, they hate Donald Trump. These people would rather see this country fail and go in Economic depression Then to say or admit that Donald Trump is doing anything good.

Jim Corder



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