Interesting column by D. Huckaby, Sun. Jan. 12 addressing Girl Scout cookies. I have no issue with the variety of cookie choices or which are the most enjoyable or favorites.

I interpret Huckaby’s column as an exercise in marketing for what I call a shameful sham. I recall when Girl Scouts actively went door to door and solicited my support, accompanied by a parent, for their efforts and products. The order was placed, paid for and within weeks the cookies arrived, delivered by the sales girl. I always enjoyed asking the little lady how successful her project was for her and the entire group.

Now, the parents purchase the inventory and set up tables outside supermarkets and any vendor willing to subject their customers to mothers, exploiting their — usually cute — little daughters to shill for cookies, displayed on portable tables. So much for young people learning the value of individually working toward an objective and earning something that wasn’t predetermined by mommy.

I always enjoyed the cookie drives, and actually looked forward to purchasing more than I needed to, in my mind, reward this budding entrepreneur, in a lesson of actually earning something through their own effort.

Now, I politely decline and usually receive a disapproving glance from the mom that probably believes everyone deserves a trophy for just showing up.

I could go on about today’s young generations growing up with phones in their hands and learning about entitlement as well as turning into snowflakes.

If I did, this letter would probably end up in the circular file, or not.

Lou Sicurezza



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