When I see a man or a woman look into the TV camera and say they are coming to destroy all I hold dear, I tend to believe them. I cannot understand how anybody can support socialism, especially the intellectuals in this country. I grew up in Smyrna back in the ’50s and early ’60s with the threat of annihilation. My mother sent me to school not knowing if I would make it home that afternoon. When you are in elementary school, that will leave a mark on your psyche.

Do these professors and teachers not know that they will be one of the first groups to be removed and re-educated, or worse? Every country that has tried socialism has wound up with a small group of leaders and the rest in dire poverty. There will be no middle class anymore. They will first come after our Second Amendment rights. They will trash the first amendment including the freedom of religion and press. Then the rest of the Constitution will go down in flames. They will nationalize private business and remove the business leaders to the same camps as the professors. Look at what is still happening to South Africa. They ran off or murdered the farmers and replaced them with their cronies. Before they were feeding their country and now they are having food shortages. Same as in Venezuela.

In communism, if the government cannot totally control you, you will be destroyed. I love my family and my fellow countrymen too much for that to happen to them.

John Johnson

Powder Springs



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