This is the first time I have ever written a letter to the editor and I feel compelled to respond to the column in Saturday’s paper, Oct. 10, by Rev. Dr. Nelson Price, “Good old-fashioned hate.” I am astonished with the suggestion that those who disagree strongly with President Trump are haters. That is just plain wrong and is so highly offensive that I must speak up.

To turn this on to people who disagree with the president but have to endure his daily hate speech and rhetoric is wrong. As someone deeply concerned about hate and hate speech, I cannot bear to hear leaders and fellow Americans, even senators, governors, military heroes and former colleagues, called “losers, suckers, monsters, nasty,” and the list goes on. Where is the condemnation of hate groups, supremacists, and racists for their horrific acts and credos? If the president’s goal has been to divide our country, he has succeeded. He fans the flames of division, anger, and distrust.

I, too, have a deep Christian faith and look to the Bible for guidance and Jesus’ example. Jesus speaks too many times to count about loving your neighbor. The Old Testament prophets remind God’s people to care for widows, orphans and refugees in their midst. The column states that hatred is a poison that destroys us from within and that is true. To turn that on to people who are deeply concerned about this country and the direction this president it taking it is wrong. That does not make us haters.

I too will quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who said, “I have decided to stick with love, hate is too great a burden to bear.” Thank you for reminding us of those words. They will be my guide as to how I pray and how I vote in this election.

Lane Henderson




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Howard Peterson

No hatred from you, eh?? Read you own words: " If the president’s goal has been to divide our country, he has succeeded. He fans the flames of division, anger, and distrust."

Allison Bradford

It's interesting that although debunked, you choose to believe Trump called our military suckers and losers. I guess you haven't heard all the vitriol coming from Nancy Pelosi, nor have you seen the rioting, looting and burning of businesses. Both sides could do better, no doubt; but the vast, vast majority of hate is coming from the left.

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