“Stop promoting abortion or stop being a Catholic”

In effect, that’s what the National Director of Priests for Life Frank Pavone told Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden in a letter. The letter makes it clear to the Democrat front-runner that he can’t truly say he follows the tenants of the Catholic faith if he supports abortions up to birth. Biden not only supports killing unborn children in abortions up to the day of birth, he’s announced a plan to force Americans to fund them with their tax dollars. That, the priest says, is antithetical to the Catholic faith.

“Nobody can or should force you to be a Catholic, and nobody can or should force you to be a defender of legal abortion. But you cannot be both at the same time,” the priest wrote.The letter asks Biden to either “conform your conduct to the Church to which you claim to belong, or acknowledge that you no longer belong to it.”

I will go further than this priest. I believe you can’t be a real Christian and support abortion. My source? The Ten Commandments God gave Moses and us on Mt. Sinai. Commandment #6: “You shall not murder.” Where in the Bible is there evidence that God repealed the Ten Commandments? If you can’t point to that evidence, then it is still in effect. Maybe you need to change from calling yourself a Christian to some other religion.

Don Spruill



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