Just drove past a three-block long food distribution line at my local library here in Marietta. If you do not need to be on this line, good for you. If it does not tear your guts apart to see it, something is missing in you. For a politician to say that $300 a week unemployment insurance checks are enough for you, when it is not even enough for most mortgages or rent, that politician needs to go.

We need to have no need for those lines. Georgians, we have been voting a certain way for 45 to 50 years, and for 45 to 50 years have not had a raise in our income to keep up with the economy, and we have food lines. Is the next thing soup lines? We need to put people in office who care about us.

Richard Beck



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Howard Peterson

Two things: 1. Sell the cadillac. Yes, I've seen these lines on TV and nice cars waiting to get free food 2. Nancy Pelosi could have done this LONG, LONG time ago but the she made a "calculated decision" (her words!) to wait until after the election so she could get more from Harris/Big Guy.

Howard Peterson

Richard, you need to "fire" the Democrats for their delay in stimulus money trying instead to bail out the Democrat run city & state governments who have been so mismanaged for so many years! Are you too naive to see this???

Mike Nelson

Take a look at democratic run cities, huge deficits, incredible crime, it’s unbelievable and yet you vote these democratic candidates back in. Yet you expect taxpayers to prop up your city. If you live in these cities and vote them in, you deserve it.

George Don Spruill

Why the Covid Relief Bill should be defeated.

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