Today’s article titled: “Hate groups in US at highest level in two decades,” was a continued example of how the Associated Press loves to run with biased liberal news.

Of course, the AP fails to point out that the leadership of the Southern Poverty Law Center is made up of liberal socialists, and if the reporters had bothered to do some research they would have learned lawsuits have been filed against the Southern Poverty Law Center for defamation and discrimination.

The Southern Poverty Law Center report only identifies conservative American groups and President Trump supporting groups as “hate groups.”

My research concerning hate groups is as credible as the Southern Poverty Law Center and my research reveals the entire leadership of the Democratic Party is a “hate group!” Their hatred for President Trump is on display daily. On a daily basis, many leaders in the Democratic Party display their “hatred” for our nation’s president. A Democratic member of Congress has actually encouraged that President Trump be assassinated.

More evidence of Democratic leadership “hate groups” is the push by democrats in government positions to remove, or destroy, statues and monuments, related to the Civil War. Obviously a group of people filled with hatred for an actual historical event, that none of them were personally involved in.

Notably absent from the article was any mention of Antifa, a radical left wing group consumed with hatred for President Trump and conservative Americans. Members of Antifa act out physically and violently against conservative Americans.

I would also offer that the AP is a “hate group” as it is obsessed with reporting news that is detrimental to our nation’s president.

Our nation is in dire need of news organizations committed to reporting factual news and unfortunately the AP is not one of them!

Wayne E. Beyea



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