I consider it a distinct honor and privilege to add my endorsement for Travis Lindley, candidate for Smyrna City Council, Ward 3.

First, let me say that while I do not live in Smyrna, I have known Travis for a number of years, both as a business associate and friend. In my view, Travis represents the best of those who offer for public service for all the right reasons. He is Smyrna born and bred, and has always maintained his interest in his community and what he might do to serve it best. After local schooling, Travis entered the world of governance and politics, and he has excelled in all that he has done in this arena. He is also a small business owner, providing jobs and paying both payroll and taxes. Travis is now well known and respected, not just in Georgia, but around the country, too.

Thru it all, Travis’ businesses and home remain in Smyrna. More importantly, Travis is an individual of the highest ethical standards, and he will bring those standards with him to the city council. He is an excellent facilitator and consensus builder. I know that this is a fact, because I have seen him in action over many years in tough situations, and he always strives to find a way to find solution rather than discord, something we very much need today in our political discourse.

Is his familiarity with state and local governments somehow a liability? Far from it. His experience and relationships throughout the state would be an invaluable asset on the Council. He, along with the city council and mayor have the opportunity to put Smyrna in the very forefront of municipal leadership. The council should rightfully reflect the diversity of Smyrna, but part of that rich tapestry should also include background and experience. I speak ill of no man or woman offering themselves for public service. I can say with absolute certainty, however, that I can think of no one who better fits the city’s needs as it stands at the very cusp of its greatest years than Travis Lindley.

If you live in Smyrna, please vote for the candidate of your choice on Tuesday at Smyrna City Hall. I hope that you will cast that vote for Travis Lindley.

Chuck Clay



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Smyrna Citizen

So what you are saying here is you do NOT know the other candidates or if they are actually better qualified for the position?

Anonymous Commenter

It's amusing that Travis Lindley, founder of a political campaign consultancy and lobbying firm, can't beat an opponent who had less money and fewer powerful.political connections. Pretty damming for his company, I would think.
The best candidate won.

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