Compared to other modern countries, our handling of the virus has been a pathetic failure. Does anybody still doubt that we would be far better off today if only we still had the intelligent leadership of the Obama/Biden Administration? There is a direct line from our failure in handling the virus to our pathetic president and to the pathetic hypocrisy of the Trump Republican Party.

Almost everything Donald Trump does is grounded in hypocrisy and is enabled by his congressional lackeys. The Border Wall that Mexico would pay for is using 18 billion taxpayer dollars. Meanwhile, it is well known that about half of undocumented immigrants simply overstayed their visas, others sneak through official ports of entry, and many simply turned themselves in at the border and await hearings. The border wall does almost nothing to stop illegal immigration and is nothing but an expensive, useless, racist symbol for a racist showman.

The “Trump Economy” is another hypocrisy. Obama inherited a 10% unemployment rate from G.W. Bush, and with thoughtful policy brought unemployment down year by year, handing off a 4.5% unemployment rate and a solid economy to Trump. Then Trump spiked the punch bowl, irresponsibly exploding the deficit, borrowing trillions to pretend the strong economy was his doing. The pre-pandemic 3.5% unemployment rate was like an athlete on steroids. Obama worked for eight years to make the athlete strong, then Trump pumped him up with steroids and pranced around like a great coach. A budget deficit when the economy is in trouble is good economics, exploding the deficit when the economy is strong, like in 2017, is as immoral as pumping your athletes with steroids.

The Trump Republican Party uses lies, demagoguery and hypocrisy to manipulate the minds of its followers. Honorable Republicans have rejected these lies and have refused to support Trump. Nothing dishonors America more than to promote it with a mountain of lies. America does not need lies to be great. America is burning and Trump’s attacks on truth, science and our democracy fan the flames of hostility toward one another. This is exactly what the Russian spy agencies hoped would happen when they flooded our social media with their own Trump-supporting lies. America needs a check against Trump’s power grab. Cobb County has a chance to throw some of Trump’s enablers out of Congress. Please Cobb Republicans, do your part.

Luc Noiset




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