I’ve been the proud wife of a military veteran for 35 years; one of my sons also served honorably. Many other attributes inform who I am: an educated woman, a registered nurse, a nearly lifelong resident of the Deep South, and many other things. None are terribly remarkable for a middle-aged woman in my predominately white, affluent north Atlanta suburb, save one.

I’m a passionate liberal and a supporter of Joe Biden.

It was likely President Reagan who first successfully cast liberals as contemptible; the derision reflects a deep misunderstanding of the principles liberals embrace. Freedom from bigotry and hatred. An openness to new ideas. Concern for those less fortunate…their safety, their opportunity, their freedom to seek life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

In 2016, we elected a vengeful bully to our highest office. A documented liar ruled by hate and open bigotry. It’s reduced America to a place where scholars are reviled and science is discarded. A nation where truth is ignored, even at the cost of 200,000 lives.

I love my country, but it’s evolved into a place I don’t recognize.

Trump called our honored war dead “suckers” and “losers.” He openly disrespected Gold Star family members, Khizr and Ghazala Khan and Myeshia Johnson. He disparaged American hero John McCain’s five years as a POW, mocking him as a “f—king loser”. He abandoned our Kurdish allies to be slaughtered by Turkish forces. He’s allowed bounties on the heads of our service members, the latest and most outrageous capitulation to his mysterious infatuation with Vladimir Putin.

A group of generals, admirals, and former national security officials from both parties called National Security Leaders for Biden endorsed Joe Biden last week. Their statement outlines support for a compassionate patriot with a strong moral compass. Further, it paints a picture of a leader who appreciates the complexity of foreign relations and national security and the importance of surrounding himself with wise counsel.

During a time of staggering turmoil, the GOP took the unprecedented step of not bothering to hammer out a 2020 platform, opting instead to hand Trump a blank check to accomplish his agenda. His rallies, an exercise in feeding his ego and sustaining his base, contain no inspirational words and no policy. They exist to spread hate and fear.

We cannot afford another term under Trump. The divisiveness and hate he nurtures has already extracted an unfathomable toll.

Tina Finley




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Howard Peterson

Here's 3 planks in the Dems platform: 1. Bash Trump repeatedly. 2. Turn USA into a 1 party country by packing the court, eliminating the Electoral College, grant citizenship to all illegal aliens for their Dem. vote and turn Puerto Rico & DC into states for their additional Dem. votes in the House & Senate. All of these would make the Republican Party virtually extinct. 3. Get rid of Biden ASAP & install Harris as DICTATOR of this new found Socialist/Communist country.

Is this really what you want Tina?? Also, Facebook has censored me repeatedly for posting comments that were against "community standards" which they actually told me when they cut off my Facebook account. Are you against Freedom of Speech also, Tina. Don't be afraid to respond!!

George Don Spruill

Tina, I posted a really good response to your totally incorrect comments about President Trump, but the jackasses at Facebook were offended. So, lets just say you're 100% wrong.

Allison Bradford

You state as a fact that Trump called the military losers and suckers when you surely must know that over a dozen people who were there have said it didn't happen. Your obvious hate for Trump is duly noted.

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