On Tuesday, I was glued to my TV, anxious to see the first of three live debates between President DonaldTrump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

Sadly, I felt the so-called debate was a sham and never actually materialized. Instead, both opponents disregarded many of the debate rules for the entire 90 minutes while calling each other silly names.

I have to believe that many of America’s viewers have to be utterly disappointed and ashamed of the lack of any leadership or professional qualities demonstrated by both participants during their debate.

It was similar to watching a fake and low-caliber boxing match where both opponents just keep on jabbing each other and don’t actually land any solid or damaging hits. Instead, they just keep on hoping that the match will end quickly or as soon as possible.

Being honest and completely plain-spoken, I’m both embarrassed and ashamed for our President and Joe Biden.

It appeared to me that their initial make-believe debate was both an embarrassment and disgrace to every American and potential presidential voter that was watching. Hopefully, their degrading and unbecoming cheap boxing match won’t be repeated in their remaining debates. The American voters are entitled to a much more professional, respectful and high quality debate performance. They don’t deserve another cheap and shabby-looking boxing match or a brainless brawl in the back alley. I pray that most Americans aren’t that gullible.

Joe O’Connor




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