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George Don Spruill

Pic, you’ve been away haven’t you. Welcome back! While you were apparently gone, the United States has been run by a demented old fool, who has done everything he could to pay off the climate change lovers who supported him and want to take all of our fossil fuels. It’s not your fault. I’m sure didn’t vote for the Forest Gump imitator from Delaware. You didn’t, did you? Oh, additionally, he has opened our Southern border and let 5 million foreign invaders, drug and sex smugglers in. He’s allowed his friends like Randi Weingarten, head of the teachers union shut our schools down and did her part getting the criminal attorney general to classify parents who are concerned with the junk happening in our schools as domestic terrorists. Oh, and he’s castrated our military by converting it to a woke, semi-worthless organization. It’s all gone to hades Pic. You probably should not have come back. Oh, by the way. Be sure to vote carefully on Wednesday.November 9.

RL Bays

"Oil companies post massive profits": https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/oil-companies-post-massive-profits-as-consumers-feel-squeeze-from-high-gas-prices#:~:text=For%20example%2C%20ExxonMobil%20pulled%20in,making%20%2442%20billion%20this%20quarter.

Allie Bradford

Biden literally campaigned on killing the petroleum industry. Here are his actions towards that end:

Jan 29, 2021: "President Biden signs executive order banning new federal oil fracking leases...."

Feb 01, 2021: "Biden’s oil and gas drilling ban may end offshore Gulf of Mexico work..."

Jun 1, 2021: "Biden Suspends all new Drilling Leases in Arctic...."

Sep 27, 2021: "Oil producers brace for Biden's expensive new methane regulations ... small

producers say they may have to shut down...."

Nov 17, 2021: "Biden administration places hold on massive lease sale for oil and gas


Nov 25, 2021: "Biden administration calls for hike in federal drilling fees...."

Nov 26, 2021 "President Joe Biden announced Monday a proposal for a 20-year ban on new oil

and gas drilling in New Mexico ..."

Dec 10, 2021 "The Biden administration says it will immediately end federal funding for most

international fossil fuel projects..."

Feb 19, 2022: "Biden pauses all new oil and gas leases amid legal battle over cost of climate


May 12, 2022: "Biden pulls 3 offshore oil lease sales, curbing new drilling this year With the

nationwide offshore drilling program expiring at the end of June

RL Bays

Those of us who live in the real world understand the threat of global warming caused by fossil fuels, that said, none of what you posted refutes the fact that oil companies are breaking production records and are raking in record profits on our backs.

Allie Bradford

So what? Demand is high. They had severe losses as well during COVID. Profit doesn't equal profit margins.

RL Bays

Second quarter 2022 US refining margins were more than double a year earlier. Margins more than double. They are driving inflation.

Howard Peterson

Excellent letter Ms. Bradford!! And I didn't see the phrase "global warming" mentioned once. Just another distraction from a Democrat who can't believe that this administration doesn't care 1 drill rig for it's citizens!!

RL Bays

The first step in valuing scientific discovery and making evidence-based decisions is deciding that you want to believe things that are demonstrably true.

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