When I worked as a stock boy in the 1960s, I engaged in many spirited conversations with a salesman who insisted you can never say never in that you can never know when life’s circumstances could cause you to think and act in ways that at the time may seem unimaginable. I thought at the time that he was a bit of a kook, until it happened to me. Four years ago I was a “Never Trumper” in that I could never imagine ever supporting The Donald. In fact, I said as much in this paper in a column lambasting Trump and urging readers to support the Libertarian Party candidate instead.

What a difference four years can make. Now I am firmly in the Trump camp because I recognize that having him as president vs. Hillary Clinton was a godsend. Under Trump we experienced the most vigorous economic expansion in our nation’s history prior to COVID. Instead of the anemic economic recovery under Obama, he helped to unleash our nation’s potential by slashing onerous regulations and taxes; this was especially pronounced in the energy sector where the U.S. became the largest producer of energy and a net exporter of energy as well. By so doing he boldly took on the environmental lobby whose long-term agenda is to decapitate the fossil fuels industry, and who even admit that doing so will cost tens of trillions of dollars.

In foreign policy he is the first president in recent memory to not only challenge the military industrial complex that has dominated both major political parties for decades, he has actually started to take action to end the great American tragedy and of waging endless wars and foreign interventions. Our troops are finally beginning to come home, and our allies are starting, at long last, to pay for their own national defense as opposed to relying almost exclusively on Uncle Sam for their protection.

He has also implemented admirable reforms in the criminal justice system so that now many nonviolent drug offenders don’t have to languish for decades in federal prisons. And for our veterans, he has liberated them from an unconscionably inefficient Veterans Administration so they can go outside a socialistic health care system to get the medical care they so desperately need and deserve.

But in the last four years something else has happened which draws me ever closer to Trump and that is the almost complete takeover of the Democrat party by the hard left. No longer the party of JFK or even Bill Clinton, the ideological center of gravity now resides with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Congresswoman Cortez. Bernie even proudly asserts that ideas once considered radical by the Democrat party are now mainstream. And you know something? I believe him.

And what are some of those ideas? Medicare for All and an abolition of private health care. Free college tuition and a forgiveness of college education loans. A $15 national minimum wage. A ban on fracking and a full-fledged legislative and regulatory assault on the energy sector. A dramatic increase in taxes, not only on the wealthy but on any small and mid-sized business making more than $400,000 a year. The admission of Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia as states, making the Senate, and by extension the Supreme Court, virtually unassailable Democrat strongholds. Our Second Amendment will endure renewed assault. And a return to the cynical interventionist foreign policy that would have been Hillary’s hallmark had she been elected.

While accomplishing all this may seem farfetched, not so if Biden and his lady in waiting take the White House and the Senate turns Democrat. This scenario is compounded by the fact that Biden suffers from cognitive issues which makes him easily manipulated by what is now the hard-left political center of his own party.

As a nation, 2020 has turned out to be what President Reagan once called a “rendezvous with destiny.” Indeed, if America becomes a socialist nation, to whom can the world turn to thwart the rise of despotism on a global scale? While it’s one thing for Cuba or Venezuela to become socialist hellholes, if the U.S. chooses that path there will be no force to counter it, and we could look forward to entering a very dark period in mankind’s history. Do not let that happen. Vote for Trump like your life depends on it — because it does.

Lance Lamberton has lived in Cobb County since 2001. He is the chairman of the Cobb Taxpayers Association and served as the Deputy Director of the White House Office of Policy Information under President Reagan.



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George Don Spruill

Lance Lamberton, good for you! Now if we can just hear that George Will, Bill Kristol, the McCain family, the Bush family, Mitt Romney, and others have recanted their unfortunate misbelief...

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