“The government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion” - Treaty of Tripoli, signed by President John Adams, 1797

The Taliban are strict fundamentalist Muslims. Their religion animates all they do. Now that they’re back in power, Sharia law is the foundation of whatever government might develop in the weeks and months ahead. To reinforce their stringent beliefs, many Taliban carry automatic weapons everywhere they go, the menacing message being, cross us and you could end up dead.

There doesn’t seem to be much daylight between the Taliban and Christian nationalists here in America, who would love nothing better than to install a theocracy that dictates all aspects of every American’s life, and perhaps enforce it with guns.

The Republican Party’s nutbag caucus certainly sees it that way, and their language is barely veiled. U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, the gun-loving extremist from Colorado, told a Christian nationalist gathering last week, “We are sons and daughters of revolutionaries. They took a stand for a lot less…You have the Lord God Almighty on your side,” adding, government should be run by “righteous men and women of God.”

That could be a Taliban pep talk in Kabul – except for the women part.

If she lived in Afghanistan, Boebert would be wearing a burka and sitting at home. Where not long-ago Afghan women and girls were able to work and go to school thanks to the U.S. intervention, that’s over. But isn’t the subjugation of women and girls part of what Christian nationalists want to see here?

Texas is a harbinger. The conservatives in control recently outlawed abortion after six weeks regardless of rape or incest. At six weeks, most women don’t even know they are pregnant, but the GOP he-men who run the show in the Lone Star State want women to carry the fetus to full term. If that’s not subjugation, I don’t know what is.

And if they try to get an abortion after six weeks, the state of Texas will pay a $10,000 bounty to vigilantes who turn in those women or girls and anybody who assists them.

Then the right-wing governor turns around and tells Texans he won’t mandate vaccines or masks as the Delta COVID variant fills up his state’s ICUs and hospitals order more mobile morgues. So much for the “right to life.” Ironically, the anti-vaccine and mask crowd has adopted the pro-choice slogan, “my body, my choice.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

Oh, and Texas also passed an open carry law, no gun training or permits required. I doubt the Taliban mandates gun training and permits, either.

Boebert and her ilk would be outliers if not for all the many Christian churches across the country wading into politics. I used to believe churches were sanctuaries where congregants receive their spiritual nourishment, not hotbeds of political worship at the right-wing extremist alter.

Pastor Greg Locke is one of many examples. He oversees a church in Tennessee and recently invited congregants who don’t like all the attention he pays to conservative politics in his sermons to leave his church.

“In case you assume I will cease since you need me to, you have misplaced your thoughts,” Locke told his flock. “I am simply now calling out Joe Biden. I am simply now preaching towards the LGBTQ group. I am simply now calling out abortion. I am simply now speaking about (non-existent) election fraud. I am simply speaking out about antifa and Black Lives Matter. I am simply now calling out this depraved nonsense. “

Not all of Locke’s coreligionists agree. A headline in the Baptist News Global said, “Pastor Greg Locke is all over the internet spreading conspiracies; here’s why you shouldn’t believe him.” The first paragraph of the article beneath notes the bellicose Locke divorced his wife of 21 years to marry his secretary. So much for the sanctity of marriage.

But Locke is far from alone using his church as a platform to push extreme political views. It is for this reason churches like his should be taxed if they wish to engage in politics on the American town square. I pay for that privilege and so do you. So should churches that stray from their tax-exempt spiritual ministries and into the secular world of politics to tell us who and what to vote for or spreading political lies as Locke does.

Thus, the Christian nationalist movement is just the flip side of the Islamic nationalist movement that now rules Afghanistan and other Muslim countries, and it’s what the Founding Fathers feared most.

Kevin Foley is a public relations executive, writer and author who lives in Kennesaw. You can contact him through his website at kevinemmetfoley.com.


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(10) comments

Howard Peterson

B-O-R-I-N-G!! And I didn't make that comment up!!!!!

Howard Peterson

Let's hear more about biden's "successful" air lift in Afghanistan or about his "successful" handling of the illegal aliens crossing the Southern border. Or how about General Milley committing treason. Or how about no new taxes for people making less than $400K. Have you been to the store or paid for any services lately? Poor & middle class families dollars are being squeezed beyond belief. I could go on & on. You can't make this stuff up!!!

George Don Spruill

Ahhh! Smell that fresh air! Another Friday without reading Kevin Foley’s Godless pap!

Howard Peterson

A change of subject. Can ANYONE imagine where this country would be without Operation Warp Speed? Hospitals across the nation are filled to capacity and beyond with Covid patients of which approximately 90% are unvaccinated. Without a vaccine, this country would have had to rely on the biden administration to set up & staff emergency hospitals in convention centers or large auditoriums across the country. Would you or any of your family members like to have been a patient at one of these centers when current hospitals are understaffed the way it is. I cannot see the biden administration making any of this happen successfully! This country would be experiencing a disaster of which I cannot even think of or describe without the benefits of Operation Warp Speed and having vaccines available with a little over 50% of the population being vaccinated. Put the vaccinated 50% in the hospital & just THINK about what would be happening........Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you owe Donald Trump a HUGE THANK YOU FOR OPERATION WARP SPEED!! And I'm not kidding!!!

Laura Armstrong

Operation Warp Speed was a good concept, but if you heard the testimony at yesterday's FDA hearing, and understood that it's all been hidden by the media, you'd understand that the vaccines are NOT working and in younger people they are more dangerous than helpful. So, we love Trump, but the vaccine propaganda has GOT to stop. Never in the history of American medicine have doctors refused to treat an illness or tried to fill up hospitals with one, until now. And the demonization and division between those who don't want the experiment in their bodies is sheer medical tyranny. NO employer should be able to force an experimental and dangerous drug into any person. No decent people would ever cause families to lose their livelihoods over an illness with a 99 percent or more survival rate! Hospitals are getting paid for covid patients. If that was not so, they would instruct their doctors to treat patients at home, preventing the spread and preventing the next phases, which are the most dangerous. Early treatment is the key, and waiting until you cannot breathe has been the wrong strategy, pushed by Fauci and health bureaucrats, since the beginning.

Howard Peterson

Hi Laura! I know you are anti-vaccine and you clearly think the vaccines aren't working but how do you account for the fact that approximately 85 to 90% of hospitalized Covid patients are un-vaccinated?

Laura Armstrong

Hi Howard, I am only anti-this vaccine, not others, and that's because it's experimental and has not been presented as such to the American public. However, please know that many of my family members have been "fully vaxxed" and I am concerned for them and others I know who have suffered side affects and even one friend who died as a direct result of taking it. I cannot account for the media reporting 85 to 90 percent of hospitalized patients have not gotten the shot, just as I cannot account for many things my former colleagues in the media have printed in the last few years. Where are they getting their information? Are they quoting a doctor directly, or simply parrotting the huge amounts of propaganda that are clearly being pushed onto the American public right now? Have you heard, as I have, from doctors and nurses, quietly, that many of those seeking medical help have been because of vaccine side effects? Considerable vaccine injuries are being reported daily, with the CDC and NIH both reporting up to 70 vaccine deaths on average per day? My concern is that many doctors locally, including my own doctor associated with Wellstar, will not treat covid, but tell us to do NOTHING until we cannot breathe and must be hospitalized. Yet, many doctors are having great results with a simple, cheap and proven medication that's been used around the world. Who incentivized hospitalization by deciding it was a good idea to pay hospitals for covid hospitalizations AND DEATHS? We all have many questions that are not being answered in the national or local media, and it's incumbant upon us to do our own research. I am a communicator, and I would never, ever wish ill upon my own family or my Cobb County family who chose vaccination, but I do want the truth to be discussed fairly and rationally. Thanks for asking my thoughts, Howard. Take care!

Howard Peterson

Hello Laura!! Thanks for your response!! Boy, this is a tough one! I couldn't wait to get vaccinated and had no ill effects. Nor, do I know anybody who has had ill effects from any vaccine. I also have close family members who refuse to be vaccinated and I totally respect their right of choice. On the other side of the coin, elective surgeries are being postponed due to the Covid patients that are currently unvaccinated and needing hospital care. That seems totally unfair to me. I went to a Cobb County Library the other day to pick up a book on hold. I could not enter the library without a mask so I put one on, got my book and walked out and wasn't within 25 feet of another person. My rights were infringed upon! I said this was a tough one! My rights have been invaded but then again, people who refuse the vaccine have rights also and I think our Constitution would rule on the side of those people who refuse the vaccine and for me, they would simply say "tough luck, Howard". I don't have any elective surgeries at this time, I don't wear my mask unless it is mandatory but I still use hand sanitizer in my vehicles whenever needed so I am not being forced into any tough decision making. If vaccines were required again, I would be first in line but I would NOT make any person unwilling to do so get vaccinated. I believe this will all have to be solved by the Supreme Court and I would expect a ruling in favor of anyone refusing to be vaccinated.

Laura Armstrong

Howard, your gracious reply made all kinds of sense. If our politicians all had the critical thinking skills you exhibit, and no alternate agenda, we'd probably be in fine shape by now. Yes, my family members who took the shot didn't die, but a good friend of mine did. And I would never presume to make anyone's personal decision for them. My first husband volunteered to be a part of an experimental medical treatment at the NIH many years ago, but it was purely with informed consent and after we had discussed it seriously with our physician. Medical innovations are awesome. There is new information out today about recent deaths and whether the unfortunate ones were vaxxed or not, which I won't get into. One more thing to consider, and that is the censoring and silencing of those who deviate from the administration's preferred narrative on covid. Ask yourself why. Why are doctors being threatened with loss of license? Something more malignant is happening here, and I suggest you research Cloward-Piven, the UN's Agenda 21 and other, globalist agenda items. You will see where some world manipulators clearly stated what they wanted to do years ago, and they seem to be succeeding. Hate to think of that, but it's plausible. We're lucky to live in Cobb, where we still have people wanting to do the right things, even people with different ideas of how to get there. I maintain we still have hope of curing many ills, as long as we all remain Americans at heart.

Laura Armstrong

You lost me at "no daylight" between the Taliban and Christians or Republicans or whomever you are trying to talk about.

Seriously Kevin, you have only gotten worse in the years as a columnist. Shame on you for comparing terrorists, enabled by the politicians you love, with Americans who are trying to fight for the Constitution.

(Edited by staff.)

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