You really didn’t see this coming after four years of the Madness of King Donald?

The majority of Americans understood what he was doing to our beloved country and said enough already: enough white supremacy, enough corruption, enough lying, enough petty grievances, enough childish name-calling.

With their votes last week, they said it’s time to restore dignity and common decency to the White House and for America to regain its lost world leadership; to again become a beacon of democracy, an example for other nations to follow.

Georgia, to the amazement of many, turned blue thanks in large part to Stacey Abrams’ tireless efforts to get out the vote. The good ol’ boys were left clutching their pearls and pining for old times that will soon be forgotten. They never grasped this country, this state and this county are younger and more diverse than ever and that trend is sure to continue as the conservative dinosaurs become extinct.

Speaking of dinos, Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue face runoff elections against Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. Should Loeffler and Perdue lose, the Senate would be deadlocked at 50-50 with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris breaking ties.

Loeffler and Perdue disqualified themselves from any office of public trust after they received an early COVID-19 briefing warning them of what was coming. Did either alert their Georgia constituents? Of course not. Instead, they sold off stocks likely to take big hits and bought shares of companies poised to cash in on the pandemic — makers of PPE and such.

Both have been enthusiastic Trump enablers, so they deserve to go down with their lame duck president. Knowing this, out-of-state dark money is going to flood the Georgia airwaves and social media with propaganda aimed at propping up their Senate lapdogs.

This is why voters can’t be complacent when the runoff elections come around. They must tune out the lies and distortions and turn out in the same numbers they did for Joe Biden to support Warnock and Ossoff. If they fail, we’ll have the self-proclaimed “grim reaper” McConnell continuing to obstruct policies that help average American families.

Closer to home, I was mystified by the speech Dr. Kerwin Swint gave last week before the Kiwanis Club of Marietta. The director of the School of Government and International Affairs at Kennesaw State University, I wondered if Swint has been watching the same president I’ve been watching. It’s kind of his job.

“President Trump is one of the most consequential, significant leaders of the last 50 years,” Swint told the club as reported by the MDJ. “(He) is an inspirational leader to millions of Americans…However, he has engendered incredible hatred by those who oppose him.”

“Inspirational” in what sense? Inspiring division and racism? Inspiring xenophobia? Inspiring mindless anger and even violence among his supporters?

With no political experience, many believed Trump would be a disrupter, challenging Washington’s status quo. But he showed himself to be a vandal, destroying for destruction’s sake. He proved it once again by refusing to concede the election and baselessly charging widespread voter fraud.

What folks like me hate not the man, but the damage he has done to our democratic principles while casting those who oppose him as un-American and even traitors.

What we hate is the fact that nearly a quarter million people have died of COVID-19 when many of those deaths could have been avoided. What we hate is a president using his office to extract a “favor” from a foreign leader with the goal of smearing a political opponent. What we hate most of all is how Trump desecrated the presidency while making a mockery of our institutions and processes.

“(Trump) poked the Washington bureaucracy — what do you call it — the swamp?” Swint asked.

After Trump is back at Mar a Lago licking his wounded ego, those who don’t already know it will discover he, his children and many of his associates were the swampiest of swamp creatures, a shameless pay-to-play bunch with unknown (so far) financial ties to foreign oligarchs and despots.

Some 75 million Americans certainly saw all of this and roundly rejected it. How Dr. Swint missed it, I don’t know, but spontaneous celebrations broke out from coast-to-coast on Saturday when Biden’s victory became final.

These voters know the press is not the enemy of the people. They don’t want a dishonest, crude, amoral president in the Oval Office, and they saw the incompetent Trump for what he is, a conman and nihilist.

No, historians won’t look back 50 years from now and call it the “Trump Phenomenon.” They’ll call it the Trump Delusion.

Donald Trump lost this election. He can deny and delay the inevitable, but on Jan. 20, 2021, if he refuses to leave the Oval Office, he’ll be escorted out the door by the Secret Service, peaceably or, if he chooses, forcibly.

Kevin Foley is a public relations executive, writer and author who lives in Kennesaw. You can contact him through his website at


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(11) comments

Howard Peterson

I could comment & blast away every paragraph in your column as total garbage but why waste my time when the Dems, George Soros & Fake News MSM have got another pitcher of kool-aid ready for you to inhale (that means drink fast for you people that follow Foley's line of thinking). Besides that, you & Biden have a panDEMic to fight. Just make sure Zeke Emanuel gets plenty of vaccine over to China so the Bidens can keep that $$$$$ gravy train coming in. You were so quick to give Trump the blame for the China Virus & tell us that he has blood on his hands but OH, OH, it looks like the US citizens will just have to wait until Biden & Zeke are ready to let us have the vaccine. If that happens, let's hear YOU say that Biden has blood on his hands too! Deal?????

Howard Peterson

How do you explain TWITTER censoring everything that may be considered Pro-Trump & Anti-Biden? A private pollster company was apparently getting a little to close to election shenanigans & was censored by TWITTER. This company & their Rep. appeared on Tucker Carlson's show tonight. Censorship does not belong in the United States of America!! It's something that routinely happens in Communist countries!! Could it be that Silicon Valley does not want their hundreds of millions to go down the drain??? Maybe they know that Biden will look the other way while Trump did not do so. Disgusting and I will use a new word, "REVOLTING"!!!

Butch Smith

Zero evidence that Trump is racist but 40 years of Proof that Biden is. You keep bringing up left talking points that have been proved wrong multiple times. You have lied and made up stuff for 4 years.


Why has the left been so emphatic for President Trump to recognize Creepy Joe Biden as the winner? I hope President Trump leaves Washington a day before the inauguration for Florida and is playing golf the hour Creepy Joe is sworn in. The Trumpers should be an annoying painful stone in the shoe of the Bidenites for the next four years.

Howard Peterson

Now there's ads on TV to "count every vote". Fine, but, "count every "LEGAL" vote." Uninformed liberal Democrats are SO gullible!!!!!!

Howard Peterson

What?? Susan Rice for Secretary of State?? That's Hunter Biden's job!! Butt out Obama!!!!

Howard Peterson

Like Coach Lee Corso says every Sat. A.M. on ESPN: "NOT SO FAST!"

If the Republican legal teams actually have the evidence they say is proveable, this election will turn the other direction! With 100,000 ballots in Detroit & 632,000 ballots being brought in at 5:00 A.M. & all of them for Biden with NO down ballot choices, then those elections results should be reversed. Sydney Powell, who is a real sharp lady attorney, is working on the Dominion voting machines with Smart Tec software. There is apparently a back door where votes can be put into folders & then simply deleted to insure a certain candidate will win. An individual who is on Smart Tec's board of directors is now on the Biden transition team. The House will gain 10 -13 seats and yet Trump supposedly has lost the election. If dirty pool is involved, IT MUST BE EXPOSED!!

Howard Peterson

I wish this comment had an edit feature! The 632,000 ballots I mentioned above arrived in Philadelphia in the WEE hours of the morning.

Howard Peterson

Another correction! The software being investigated by Sydney Powell is Smartmatic, not Smart Tec. Smartmatic was developed in Venezuela & has a highly checkered history to say the least!

Howard Peterson

Raphael Warnock keeps "preaching" affordable health care. I though Obamacare was the apple of every Democrat's eye........I'm confused!!!

Howard Peterson

Well, it didn't take long! The WAPO Editorial Board has called for the abolishment of the Electoral College. Liberal insanity is alive & well!! And I do mean INSANITY!!

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