The violent insurrection on Jan. 6, incited by the former guy, is an atrocity seared into American history. Those who stormed the U.S. Capitol didn’t like the outcome of a free and fair election certified by all 50 states, so they did their Dear Leader’s dirty work and tried to stop Congress from affirming Joe Biden president.

They viciously attacked police officers and invaded the Senate chamber hunting down and threatening to hang Vice President Mike Pence, who had fled in terror along with other elected leaders and their staffs. There are hours of video irrefutably documenting their rampage, which law enforcement has used to round up law breakers and hold them accountable.

That’s what we do in a nation ruled by laws.

As of last week, 643 insurrectionists have been charged for their alleged crimes. Some have already taken plea deals and most are out on bond awaiting trial. But 78 accused of heinous offenses are in detention and, if convicted, will likely face serious jail time.

“I am outraged by the lawlessness, violence and mayhem…to those who broke the law, you will pay,” the law-and-order ex-president vowed on Jan. 7.

Last week, his tune changed: “Our hearts and minds are with the people being persecuted so unfairly related to the January 6th protest concerning the rigged presidential election.”

Persecution? It’s called prosecution.

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy initially condemned the attempted coup and the ex-president who fomented it. But craven McCarthy evidently realized he had alienated the Dear Leader’s mob and quickly hopped a plane to Mar-a-Lago to kiss the former guy’s ring.

Other Republicans and their media mouthpieces have taken to calling those arrested “political prisoners,” as if they committed no crimes at all and were taken into custody for peacefully expressing their views. The term is laughable, but then, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-14) and others calling them political prisoners are also laughable.

One of the former guy’s campaign aides, Matt Braynard, organized something called “Justice for J6” last Saturday in Washington. Many thousands were supposed to descend on the city in solidarity with those insurrectionists who were charged and/or are being held by authorities. Braynard even promised members of Congress would speak. None did.

In fact, just a few hundred MAGA types showed up. There were reportedly more police officers than protesters, one of whom shouted, “Where’s McCarthy? Where is McConnell. They’re all useless!” A better question would have been, where’s the former guy?

He was playing golf in New Jersey, of course.

Standing in for the jailed “QAnon Shaman”was a young guy dressed up like Davey Crocket complete with a dead raccoon on his head. A reporter asked him about the insurrection, and he claimed the most severe charge should only be trespassing. When informed that many rioters assaulted police officers – 160 cops were injured - Davey Crocket declared, “those are lies.” The reporter showed him the video receipts and he responded by saying he didn’t believe his eyes.

But the low turnout at the widely touted protest poses some questions: is the former guy’s support eroding? In the months since Jan. 6, have his cultists finally come to understand they were bamboozled by a world class huckster? Do they now reject his Big Lie and accept that Biden won the 2020 election fair and square?

After all, any event hailing MAGA wonderfulness is supposed to draw “yuge” crowds and this one was staged by the former guy’s supporters. So why did the ex-president call it a “set up?” A set up for what?

Jan. 6 was the real set up, with the ex-president inviting the mob to Washington, unleashing them on the Capitol and then abandoning them when they failed to achieve his objective. This explains why some of those arrested now say they regret their actions and have agreed to become witnesses for the prosecution.

The insurrection was a national embarrassment, a betrayal of our democratic principles that, along with his two impeachments, will further stain whatever meager legacy the former guy might leave behind.

On another note, I remain astounded by those who are refusing to get vaccinated as Georgia hospitals are overrun with unvaccinated COVID patients, ICU beds are scarce, emergency rooms are packed, and healthcare professionals are exhausted, with some even quitting the profession.

The anti-vaxxers claim the vaccine is “experimental” or whatever. So, riddle me this: why were the first in line for vaccinations the ex-president, his family, those in Congress, billionaires and millionaires, celebrities, Fox News yakkers, and many other elites?

If there was any danger, wouldn’t they have avoided vaccination like the plague?


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(10) comments

Howard Peterson

Since you choose not to tell us how "great" biden it, please let me tell you just how "grate" he really is!!

Here's a scary thought!! If the biden administration were a football game, there would still be 3 minutes left in the first quarter......Think about it.......Will we have a United States of America left when his game is over???

Howard Peterson

No country can survive without border enforcement. How much longer does the USA have before we go bankrupt and collapse into the hands of biden's buddies in China?

Howard Peterson

Another scary thought heard on national news. "Jen Psaki should be President. She's the only one who knows what is going on and she's the only one willing to talk to the press". That surely does not speak highly of the biden administration and the "flunkies" he has working for him.

George Don Spruill

You’re a biased fool who watches CNN, MSNBC, and the alphabet networks. You read the New York Times and the Washington Post. You can’t see the truth, because you allow yourself to be brainwashed. Anyone who actually reads your column from start to finish will be brainwashed too. I’m not one of those.

Howard Peterson

Since when has a political party become more important than your religious affiliation? We need answers from biden & Pelosi on that one!!!

Howard Peterson

I could go on & on & on. joe has to go! After the 2022 elections, joe can just stay asleep in the White House and then pack up & leave after 2024 elections!!

Butch Smith

Jan 6 was over 9 months ago. It's time to address some of the failings of the current President and his policies. He is a complete joke and his mental problems need to be addressed instead of ignored.

Christine Englemann

As others have said…why don’t you comment on the conditions of the country in present time, not past. Oh wait….there is nothing positive to say so you deflect. Get over it already. Stop blaming Trump and take a hard look at Biden. You won’t because there is nothing good to say. Coward!

Allie Bradford

Remind us again how many people have been charged with insurrection. And explain how one commits "insurrection" without a single firearm. You're a joke.

Howard Peterson

So far Kevin, 5 people have expressed anger at your column but there's only 1 "anger" icon checked. I wonder who that was........That means that not only is your column losing popularity, you've already LOST it!!

The 2 people who have voted "Love" for this column, never explain themselves as to why they appreciate your writing. This lack of any explanation speaks volumes!

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