Sore losers always look for someone else to blame. It’s never that they performed poorly. The other team cheated, they say, because there was no other outcome possible for us but a victory. Losers never objectively examine their own failings or seek to overcome them; they never look within themselves to learn why they lost.

When Democrats lost the 2016 election, there was introspection within the party, not finger pointing. Never, not once, did I hear Hillary Clinton say Republicans cheated. She accepted her narrow defeat because it was the will of the people. She swiftly conceded to Donald Trump and President Obama hosted the president-elect at the Oval Office within a couple of days. The transition began immediately.

I never expected Trump to behave graciously after being handed a loss. Grace is not in his nature. He has shown himself time and again to be a petulant man-child, so we shouldn’t be surprised he is in full flight from reality, blaming his election loss on everybody but himself.

“I WON THE ELECTION,” Trump tweeted Wednesday.

No, Donnie, you didn’t win the election. President-elect Joe Biden captured 306 electoral votes to your 232. He attracted nearly 79 million popular votes, a record, to your 73 million. That’s a landslide, using Trump’s own 2016 metrics.

Nevertheless, the internet lit up with all manner of conspiracy theories describing nefarious schemes aimed at hijacking the election. One of the most repeated is that Dominion Voting Systems, a Denver-based company that sells election technology, rigged the vote in Biden’s favor.

Trump was quick to spread the lie even though the Department of Homeland security declared last week, “There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised” while calling the 2020 election, “the most secure in American history.”

Trump’s handpicked DHS appointees approved that message.

Last Friday, Dominion Voting addressed the lies on its website, saying, “The unsubstantiated claim about the deletion of 2.7 million pro-Trump votes posted on the Internet and spread on social media has been taken down and debunked by independent fact checkers.”

Dominion categorically denied that it is partisan, saying it has no ties to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the Clinton Global Initiative or Venezuela. The company said there were no software glitches, adding the 2020 results are 100% auditable. The full statement can be read at

I don’t expect Trump’s cult of personality to believe any of this, so convinced are they of their Dear Leader’s divinity. It’s not possible, they reason, that tens of millions of Americans are fed up with this president’s falsehoods and failures.

Trump is always projecting his own dishonesty on others, charging they would do what he has historically done, that is, lie, cheat, and steal, as if everyone shares his amorality, as if everyone is a pathological liar and unrepentant thief. That would be in keeping with his insecurities and his narcissism, a cynical rejection of the fundamental goodness of most American people.

In his hissy fit of pique, Trump is also endangering national security by not allowing the Biden transition to proceed as is customary, even when the votes are not yet certified. This only requires a sign-off by the General Services Administration’s chief Emily Murphy, but she’s a Trump appointee who bogusly claims there has been no “ascertainment” of the election’s winner.

Murphy and other Trump employees are going to discover loyalty to this president won’t help their careers. Prospective employers seek honesty, but most everyone working for Trump has been forced to prostitute their integrity if they expected to keep their jobs. Those who refused, decorated war veteran Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman for example, were not just fired but publicly humiliated by the president.

One Republican with integrity, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger, is overseeing the state’s manual ballot recount, where Biden leads Trump by 14,000 votes. His honesty has attracted Trump’s ire, with two of the president’s henchmen, Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia, going after Raffensberger.

The secretary of state, who said he and his wife have received “unsettling” telephone threats, told the Washington Post Graham suggested during a call he simply throw out legally cast absentee ballots, while Collins has been spreading misinformation about Georgia’s election, according to Raffensberger, who called the congressman a “liar.”

None of this GOP kabuki theater will change the 2020 election result. It’s over, Joe Biden won, and it’s time to move on.

I expect Trump will never admit to himself or his true believers that he lost this election. What I think he’ll do is slink off to his resort in Florida sometime next month and not return to Washington. It wouldn’t surprise me if he absented himself from Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration, such is his pettiness.

I doubt Trump will be missed.

Kevin Foley is a public relations executive, writer and author who lives in Kennesaw. You can contact him through his website at


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(13) comments

Butch Smith

There goes the lying again. The Dem's not only didn't accept the 2016 election results but have been trying to over turn it for 4 years.

Howard Peterson

Are you serious? Really?? Millions of mail in ballots with no photo ID, no verification of signatures & no check to see if the person voting was dead or alive or still living. If the family pet was on the voter rolls, it could have voted and I'm sure that happened more than anyone will ever know.

Kevin, please read Roger Hines & Ann Coulter's columns to get a clue about what is going on in this country! Trump didn't lose the election. It was won for Biden by Fake News MSM, the propoganda machine for the DNC & Silicon Valley high tech with their ability to control elections by censorship of Conservative ideas. YES, the same censorship that happened right here at the MDJ only much, much worse.

George Don Spruill

Another Friday of not reading Kevin Foley! I will cruise into the weekend a happy guy. I'll let my brothers Butch Smith and Howard Peterson do the heavy lifting of reading his columns. I'll stick with Ann Coulter for sarcasm and Roger Hines for the Gospel truth.

Allie Bradford

When the first two words of his article are "sore losers," you know it's a biased, immature piece not worth readings. Sending out millions of ballots to addresses of registered voters that aren't even necessarily correct, and not verifying signatures and ID's is ripe for fraud. Anyone who suggests otherwise is willfully ignorant.

Howard Peterson

Excellent point about the first 2 words, Allie!! Thanks!!

Just who is president? Is it Biden or Bernie? Bernie's push to the far left cost the Dems 10+ seats in the House when they were predicted to win 10+ so why would

Biden put any of Bernie's radicals in key positions? Krazy Kamala is VP so relax Bernie. This Socialist / Communist babe is in your camp. Cool off Bernie & take another drink of Kool Aid!

Howard Peterson

So Trump lost MI by 150,000 votes? I'm really having trouble with that high #!! Did the Detroit crime machine overplay their hand?

Howard Peterson

Andrew Cuomo wins an Emmy for "leadership"??? Are you kidding me??? Since when does leadership in this country mean killing 7 - 10 thousand senior citizens by infecting them with the China virus in their nursing homes??? JEEZ.......Adam Schiff must be boiling mad that he didn't get an Emmy for his TV acting prowess...

Howard Peterson

Has anyone heard where Obama's office will be in the White House? Biden can't go to the bathroom without Obama's OK.

Howard Peterson

Another question. Does anyone know what was wrong with Trump's "AMERICA FIRST" policy? Biden is now taking it apart so I guess that's his appeasement to China & now he considers them "First"....Whatever it takes to keep the $$$$$ rolling in, right Joe??????

Howard Peterson

NO new taxes, right Joe?? From a commenter to a story on Fox News:

"The researchers calculated the food-tax rates necessary to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to match the obligations of the Paris climate accord. Beef, as the biggest culprit, is saddled with the highest tax rate of 40 per cent. Milk and dairy get a 21-per-cent tax. Poultry: an eight per cent tax. Eggs: five per cent. Even cooking oil would require a 25-per-cent tax to pay for its supposed environmental sins."

Howard Peterson

Wuh Woh!! A big lawsuit being filed in GA tomorrow describing the corruption that happened in our election???? This..could..get..interesting!!!


Biden's will be like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. He says he will grant amnesty to 11 million illegals within the first 100 days! That would mean your great-grandchildren will not even remember how to speak English. English will become a dead language like Latin. Biden's Mad Hatter ideas will see to that and a lot more progressive nuttiness.

Howard Peterson

CORRECT!! It will be goodbye USA if the Republicans can't control the Senate. Chuck & Nancy together are FAR worse than even Biden can or will unfortunately realize!

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