I woke up Wednesday morning to learn President Trump had been re-elected — at least according to Trump, who overnight declared himself the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

I was relieved to learn the president’s declaration was premature because legally cast ballots were still being counted in key battleground states. As I write this Thursday morning, Joe Biden appears headed to victory, collecting more votes than any presidential candidate in history, while flipping Michigan and Wisconsin in the process.

Naturally, Trump wants the vote counting to stop, displaying the same disdain for free and fair elections as he does for the rule of law and democratic institutions.

As we watched election coverage at the place I hang out, I overheard a friend and Trump supporter say something along the lines of, well, that’s the end of democracy. Actually, that’s democracy in action, a thorough repudiation of the president by the majority of the people he purports to govern.

It is they, not Trump, who have the final say, and, boy, have they said it.

Assuming he wins, Biden and his team will have their work cut out for them repairing the damage Trump has done, starting with the monumental task of taking on the COVID pandemic the president ignored. This country cannot move forward until it is once again healthy and, unfortunately, Biden will have to take two steps back to get one step ahead by doing what should have been done nine months ago.

He’ll have the support of most Americans, but he can also expect the same treatment from Republicans and their conservative media allies his old boss Barack Obama received. On day one, they won’t work with the new president. They’ll stand in his way regardless of how many more get sick and die. A cynical view, yes, but one based on the GOP’s past performance.

Sadly, the obstructionists will have the unwavering support of those who voted for Trumpism, that is, four more years of little kids in cages, corruption, criminality and dictator coddling; the Grand Old Party replaced by the Cult of 45.

“Can we really just come together as a nation?” asked Peter Laarman in Religion Dispatches this week. “Election boards around the country have already counted the votes of 67 million people who want more death, more deception, and more openly racist and exclusionary policies. And a huge number of these voters identify as Christian.”

Thus, the Republican Party — the one that used to cooperate and compromise with Democrats to address the nation’s needs — is dead and gone, the victim of its own deceit. Trump represented the culmination of three decades of right wing media-fueled hostility and lies, the embodiment of the hate Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and so many others spewed.

The GOP establishment might have pushed back on these paid liars early on, but they shortsightedly saw the political benefit of their rampant deception and now it has cost them their party. Only when adults take charge will Republicans begin to rebuild the institution Ronald Reagan so cherished. That’s an even bigger challenge than all of those Biden will face as president.

Meanwhile, it appears adults will be replacing the partisan hacks Trump counted on to tear down all of the progress America made over the last half century. Attorney General Bill Barr and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be gone as will Stephen Miller, architect of Trump’s brutally inhumane immigration policies, whose own uncle and rabbi condemned him for betraying his Jewish teachings.

Likewise, anti-public school advocate, Education Secretary Betsy Devos, is through along with so many other Trump enablers and sycophants, not to mention the president’s disgraceful spawn and his incompetent son-in-law Jared Kushner.

It will be a new day in Washington, especially if Democrats take control of the Senate, a distinct possibility. Social Security and Medicare will be safe. The social safety net so many Americans rely on in these difficult times will be strengthened. Public education, the great equalizer, will be adequately funded. The wealthy and corporations will pay their fair share, while quality, affordable heath care is available to all.

Trump crippled America’s international standing so it will take time to rebuild America’s leadership status and regain the trust of our NATO allies. The strongman types, including Vladimir Putin, are going to be put in their place, and we may finally learn why Trump seemed to beholden to the Russian dictator.

It hasn’t happened yet, but it appears quite likely Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States and Kamala Harris the first woman to become vice president. That may well be the case by the time you read this. For his part, Trump thinks he can win in the courts what he lost in the voting booth, at best an unlikely scenario.

As the president is fond of saying, friends, we’ll see what happens.

Kevin Foley is a public relations executive, writer and author who lives in Kennesaw. You can contact him through his website at kevinemmetfoley.com.


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(15) comments

Howard Peterson

If the Democrats control the Senate, this country will be gone. It will be 1 party rule just like in any other Communist controlled country. Like I have said many times before, Puerto Rico & DC will become states with no less than 4 more Democrat members of the Senate & House, court packing of the Supreme Court will be completed with Democrat control of the court, citizenship will be provided to all 12 million people who are here illegally to ensure 12 million more Democrat votes. It will be 1 party rule & the Republican Party will be TOAST. And you can say with a straight face that you would be proud of this accomplishment, Foley?? YOU SHOULD BE AND WILL BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!! Remember this post if this should come to pass!!

Howard Peterson

This election was NOT a "blue wave" as the suppression pollsters & Democrat propoganda machine, Fake News would have you believe! Censorship was alive & well with Twitter & Facebook along with their Silicon valley buddies pouring "dark money" into the tens of millions into individual election races. How many Democrats have even heard of the Biden family scandals since it was censored by Twitter, Facebook and Fake News MSM??? And to think that Facebook was desperate enough to censor comments made by myself & others in this very column. Goodbye America!!

Howard Peterson

In a year or so from now when Kamala & the squad are running this country, I would like to know how many Democrats will wish they could have their 2020 votes back just I did when I voted happily for Barack Obama in 2012??? I have regretted that vote so many times & I'm sure there will be plenty of Democrats who will say the same thing regarding their 2020 vote. Goodbye America!!

Howard Peterson

CORRECTION: It was 2008 that I happily voted for Obama, NOT 2012.

Howard Peterson

I should say that if the Republicans can't save the Senate then it will be Goodbye America. I did not make that note in the above comments.

Howard Peterson

How did Flynn Broady beat Joyette Holmes other than the "hate-Trumpers" voting a straight ticket & not caring about the qualifications of any other Republican on the ballot?

Howard Peterson

I listened to Debbie Dingell (d) from Michigan tonight on Fox News. 3 times she said that "all votes need to be counted". Not once did she say that "all LEGAL votes need to be counted". An unintended error on her part?? I seriously doubt it!!


If anyone in this drama should be pushing for rooting out corruption and manipulation of the recent Presidential election process it should be Joe Biden. There will always be a black question mark attached to his presidency if he doesn't support a thorough forensic exam of the process. The fact that the Biden doesn't want this examination could be evidence that what President Trump is alleging did happen in some form of another. Could anti-Trump forces do such a terrible thing to defeat him? They pushed a false narrative about Russians interfering in the election process for 3 years and nothing was found. Then the stupid impeachment stunt over a phone call. So, yes there are bad people out there that would resort to what is being alleged. A thorough in-depth examination of the matter for poor old man Biden's sake if nothing else.

Howard Peterson

Corporate taxes will go up 7% under Biden. Do you Democrats really think that Publix, Kroger, Home Depot, Lowes, Walgreens & CVS are going to keep their prices down & just eat that 7% increase? Thanks Democrats for making our cost of living go UP! And this is just the beginning.....

Howard Peterson

I find it rather unusual that the left now wants everyone to come together in peace and harmony. Biden deserves the same resist and disrupt that Trump had to endure from the left for four years. And now these same people who would not go to a poll, show an ID and vote are all out celebrating in the streets with the left not saying 1 word that they don't have masks at these "superspreader" events! Keep fighting Trump. You probably won't win but it shows that you are just as tired as I am at being screwed in the election AND being censored

Howard Peterson

As soon as the progressives and the DNC have their say, "46 will be in the ditch".....

I'm counting on Jill Biden to be p..... off when this happens and won't leave the White House. How great would that be when Jill & Joe finally realize they were used as pawns for a Dem. victory!


Hey Kevin,

Were you one of those who turned off or switched channels in 2017 when the Falcons had a 25 - 3 lead over the New England Patriots at the start of the 3rd quarter? Just wondering.😏 Deja vu all over again? 😉


Correction: Falcons 21 Patriots 3 going into the 3rd quarter.

Howard Peterson

Dr. Zeke Emmanuel is now a member of Biden's China virus task force???? Come on Joe, you said you were going to end the China virus, not make it worse.........

Howard Peterson

Something keeps telling me that with all the hundreds of millions of "dark money" that poured into this year's election that many, many thousands of votes were actually "bought" with money exchanging hands & into back pockets of people who then voted for Biden after being paid off.

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