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Butch Smith

When are you going to address the issues the voters care about?


While I wholeheartedly agree with you on the LIV "throat slasher" sponsered golf tourney, you are way off on the "Veterans" bill. While it does contain money for veterans, which Republicans enthusiastically supported in the Spring, it is now nothing more than a climate slush fund with no accountability on what goes where. Democrats designed it this way so that they could politic against Republicans that they knew would be against the bill. If the Democrats were serious about helping veterans, why didnt they vote for it back when Republicans were on board? Flagrant hypocrisy much?

RL Bays

If you're talking about the PACT Act, you can read the final bill here:

I don't know who you've been listening to, but if you think it's a climate change slush fund, not surprisingly given the Republican playbook, you've been lied to.

Howard Peterson

Throwing $$$$ away on climate change is the biggest waste of $$$$ I have ever seen! What an invitation to USA bankruptcy, higher inflation, gas prices, etc. And the Democrats say there's no new taxes. What do they think gasoline, heating oil, natural gas and increasing grocery prices are? No other country is totally on board with this crazy spending, especially India, China & Russia. But they don't count do they?

Howard Peterson

And just wait until your natural gas plan expires like mine is about to do:

Your Selected New Plan

Plan Name: 12-Month Fixed Plan

Monthly Customer Service Charge: $5.99

Price Per Therm: $1.249/10

Promo Code: FPRO22

I will call them and wheel & deal but looks like it will be a lot cooler in the Peterson house this winter......THANKS BRANDON!!

Allie Bradford

Exactly right. Schumer sneaked a huge spending provision in. When that's gone, the GOP, as usual, will support something that helps veterans.

Howard Peterson

"Inflation Reduction Act?" I would laugh if it were funny but it's not!! It is more like the "Democrats Desperate To Spend $$$$ Act". Billions of dollars thrown away. And we borrow $$$$ to bring down the National Deficit? How DUMB do Democrats think we are.......

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