After planning a candlelight vigil for Jan. 6 to honor the criminal insurrectionists who stormed the U.S. Capitol last year in their failed attempt to violently overturn the lawful presidential election, I noted the Cobb County Republican Party has decided to go all in on far-right extremism.

Their misbegotten vigil was canceled, but on Saturday last, the Cobb GOP leadership once again clearly told us where they stand.

The same week the late Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson was laid to rest, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-14) put in a surprise appearance at the party’s headquarters where she was greeted as a conquering hero by local Republican leaders.

Isakson was everything Greene could never be. He was accomplished, thoughtful, and understood the sanctity of our Constitution. During his time in the House and Senate, Isakson worked with Democrats, who he viewed not as an enemy but as political opponents who simply see things differently, yet with a shared desire to do what is best for all Americans.

For Johnny, it was country first.

In contrast, Greene is a dumpster fire, a self-serving nihilist totally unfit for the high office she holds and an embarrassing reflection on the voters of the 14th District she represents. Greene has obviously modeled her antics on the former guy’s, understanding media attention comes when you say and do abhorrent, disgusting things.

Nothing is off limits to Greene if it means a social media headline or video clip that will be shared by her fellow QAnon conspiracy theorists or those who simply want to burn it all down. Why then did the Salleigh Grubbs-chaired Cobb GOP bade Greene a warm welcome? Local Republicans evidently like the cut of her jib:

Greene agreed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be assassinated or executed for “treason.”

She said the 2018 mass shooting that killed 17 at the Parkland (Florida) high school was a “false flag.”

She baselessly claims the FBI orchestrated the Jan. 6 insurrection, but if that’s true, the FBI would have been acting on orders from the former guy’s Justice Department.

Greene says there was “MASS voter fraud” but presents no evidence.

When her Dear Leader was banned by Twitter for inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection, she declared the First Amendment was “crushed.”

On Greene’s first day as a U.S. representative, she called for Biden to be impeached. It was also his first day as president.

She said “ZERO Democrats” condemned the 2020 riots. That’s a lie. Biden, Pelosi, and senior members of the Democratic caucus roundly condemned the violence and looting.

I can’t imagine Isakson would condone Greene’s bogus vitriol and I know a lot of moderate Republicans who hold traditional conservative views reject her nonsense. Like Johnny Isakson, they understand reasonable men and women can agreeably disagree on politics because our shared goal is a “more perfect union,” in the words of the greatest Republican of them all, Abraham Lincoln.

Greene claims to be the most effective representative in the House. Effective at what? In the one year she has been in office, what has she accomplished legislatively? In what way have her constituents benefitted?

The Cobb County Republican Party debases itself and its membership along with Johnny Isakson’s legacy by putting Greene and her ilk on a pedestal. I suppose they see her as the future of the GOP along with others in Congress out to destroy democracy.

It’s self-defeating. Moderate Republicans will ultimately be driven away from the GOP if it follows people like Greene down the scorched earth path to a political dead end.

Kevin Foley is a public relations executive, writer and author who lives in Kennesaw. You can contact him through his website at


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(5) comments

Butch Smith

Until the Dems clean up and ship out "The Squad" don't talk about anyone else. With all of the unamerican things they have done and said I can't believe you would bring up MTG. Clean your own house before complaining about someone else"s.

Howard Peterson

Headline after Rashida Tlaib went nuts over Israel and this is from her Democrat opponent. Get a grip on reality Kevin!

"Rashida Tlaib's Dem challenger accuses her of 'anti-Semitic rhetoric': 'She goes crazy'"

Howard Peterson

Your writings are the text book version of the "tunnel vision" metaphor!!

Butch Smith

It appears that Talib has influenced a terrorist attack in the USA. In Texas. Her anti-semitic speeches have come home. Lets see if Kevin addresses that.

Butch Smith

After last nights press conference we now know why Joe ran his campaign from the basement. I bet the Dems are so happy and proud of who they selected for President. The press conference was a dumpster fire.

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