What a disgraceful, ugly end to President Donald Trump’s corrupt regime. I’ve been around 67 years and never, ever did I think I would witness what I saw Wednesday afternoon when a violent MAGA mob, egged on by the president and his minions, stormed and ransacked the United States Capitol.

January 6, 2021, is a day that will live in infamy, a betrayal of all of the democratic values we Americans are supposed to honor and a scathing indictment of Trump and his supporters.

I have to admit, I was surprised. Trump has walked up to the fascist line a number of times, but he never really crossed it. For example, he might have canceled the 2020 election, something he considered but never did.

Joe Biden won going away, but rather than accept that result, Trump and his seditious cult of personality decided it must be violently contested. They didn’t even try to hide their disdain for all that this country stands for, the principles for which millions of Americans gave their lives.

It was all right out there in the open Wednesday, thousands of flag-waving Trumpists crashing into the Capitol, where Vice President Mike Pence was trying to certify the Electoral College votes in his role as Senate president. Pence, his life endangered, had to be whisked out of the Senate chamber by the Secret Service.

In the midst of the chaos he incited, Trump ironically tweeted, “We’re the party of law and order.”

“Donald Trump caused this insurrection with lies and conspiracy theories about the election being rigged against him,” Scott Jennings, a former Bush 43 official, told Politico. “The election was not stolen but this madness was fomented by the president and his top advisers.”

Guns were drawn inside the Capitol and blood was spilled, all in the name of Donald J. Trump. We saw horrific scenes reminiscent of fly-blown banana republics, but not America, where the peaceful transfer of power makes our nation a beacon of democracy, the gold standard of self-rule.

When we forsake that, my friends, we are lost as a nation.

If there was a silver lining to this tragic day, Pence returned to the Senate chamber after the rioters were cleared and swiftly certified Biden’s election as the 46th president. Meanwhile, the Rev. Raphael Warnock made history by becoming Georgia’s first Black U.S. senator while John Ossoff unseated David Perdue, giving Democrats control of the Senate.

It’s cold comfort because Wednesday’s events demonstrate just how broken and sick this country is after four years of Trump’s irresponsible, reckless, divisive tenure. Biden has to hope the president’s supporters in Congress come to their senses and work with his new administration to heal the nation.

Kevin Foley is a public relations executive, writer and author who lives in Kennesaw. You can contact him through his website at kevinemmetfoley.com.


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Howard Peterson

When? When I ask will the Democrats accept the blame for their parts in fanning the current unrest? Biden & Harris sparked more flames yesterday needlessly by throwing the race card into the unrest. There's plenty of blame to go around and yes, that includes Republicans also. There's 75 million pissed off Republicans for ALWAYS taking the blame for everything wrong in this country and I'm afraid that things will only get worse, much worse as the Progressive Democrats continue to turn this country into a Communist/Socialist regime. And then we get this column shoved down our throats every Friday. Apparently you are 67 years old. Accept some responsibility for what the Democrats have done and write your column accordingly. Nice comment but merely wishful thinking......

Howard Peterson

My vote and yours also was questioned! This is what happens in Soviet Union!

We now have 1 party rule just like they do in the Soviet Union!

CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Twitter, Facebook & Google all control what we as citizens can see,read or write! Just like what happens in the Soviet Union!

And you wonder why 75 million of us are pissed off???

George Don Spruill

What we are getting ready to experience is the American version of Stalin's regime. I heard that Simon & Schuster canceled Senator Jeff Hawley's book contract. That's the kind of thing that happened in the Soviet Union. It will get worse. Good news for you though Foley. You can be a writer for this country's version of Pravda. You have the philosophical credentials.

We Believers know that in the end, we win. It's promised in Revelation 21:1-8. Read it for yourself, Foley. It's in a tome you may have in your library...probably black, with the words "Bible" on it. Go to the last of the 66 books in it to the one called "Revelation". It is a story of what all of us can expect in the next life...my people (1-7) and your people (8).

So, good luck, Foley. You're going to need it.

Howard Peterson

GOOD NEWS: California now has 1 million signatures on a recall petition to recall Gov. Newsome. They have 9 more weeks to get 500,000 more signatures in order to call for a mid-year vote.

BAD, BAD NEWS: Twitter has banned permanently Donald Trump, Michael Flynn & Sydney Powell. Twitter would do very well in the Soviet Union where there is no freedom of speech. I wonder what will be the new name for our wonderful country when the USA is completely destroyed. Can anybody say "rebellion forthcoming"?

Howard Peterson

Come on Foley! Biden & Kamala have absolutely zero intention of healing this nation. Their only intention is power, making Democrats in permanent control of our government and kissing the Squad. John Q & Mary Q who happen to Republican citizens can go to that place of perpetual fire ( I couldn't use the h word ) except on April 15 when it's time to pay your tax burden.

Howard Peterson

A quick YES or NO question for all Democrats who read this column & comments. This is NOT a poll & I will NOT respond to you. I'm just looking for an honest answer. Thanks!


Howard Peterson

Nancy P. is a card-carrying NUT CASE!!! She could care less about helping this country, it's all political & nothing else.

11% approval rating for congress is 10 points too high! We need TERM LIMITS!!

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