Staying true to his “it’s all about me” way of thinking, our former president used the 9/11 commemoration to brag about himself and stoke the flame of his already disproven stolen election claims. He couldn’t even contain his braggadocio when speaking to a group of NY firefighters. He praised their bravery, then congratulated them on the endorsement he received from their brothers in blue. “You’re beautiful people because you love Trump.” Speaking in the third person doesn’t make you seem any less self-absorbed.

The occasion also gave Trump the chance to attack Biden in front of an audience, and he took full advantage. Having the spotlight on the terrorist attacks provided a perfect segue to berate the current administration about the withdrawal from Afghanistan. His statements became more exaggerated, his jabs more vicious as the day wore on. He also reiterated a conversation he only had in his head and threw in a couple of fake news for good measure.

September 11, 2001. The worst attack to ever happen on American soil. Nearly 3,000 killed that day, countless others were lost in the aftermath. On the anniversary of this tragedy, we pay tribute to those victims and their survivors. We honor the heroes and thank those who helped pick up the pieces and put this country back together. This day is about the many Americans whose lives forever changed the moment the first plane hit the WTC. It’s not about political agendas or the never-ending battle between parties. And, it’s definitely not about Donald Trump.

I don’t let 45’s antics bother me anymore; his actions, now insignificant. And, this rant is just one more thing that isn’t about him. These words are meant for all those who shared, applauded, and repeated the rhetoric he spewed last Saturday. Your definition of patriotism is askew. One individual does not a country make. One man does not hold all the answers. If you’ve got a line, this is where you should draw it.

Dena Pritchett



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George Sandru

Quoting Ms. Pritchett: "I don't let 45's antics bother me any more". And yet you author a nasty letter to the editor that totally contradicts your own words. Perhaps you should charge him rent for "living in your head".

George Don Spruill

Your letter is so ridiculous, it would be humorous were it not written by — I assume — a grown woman. Here we have the most demented and at the same time most ignorant man who has ever occupied the White House in Joe Biden, and you’re still complaining about something the previous president said. You’re watching with the rest of us as Joe Biden is piece-by-piece tearing this country down, while at the same time letting Red China build up a military force we’ll not be able to compete with. Get a grip, Dena Pritchett. You’re losing your hold on reality.

George Don Spruill

By the way, Dena, I seem to remember that Trump was speaking to the firefighters and the police, because they refused to invite Joe Biden to speak to them. Interesting, huh? These brave men know who they trust and it’s not the demented one. Yet, you still can’t get over your hurt feelings.

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