If it is true people vote with their hearts (emotions), not their heads, that could explain why many people chose to vote in the last election for anyone who was not Donald Trump. Just the mention of his name causes reactions of cringing to outright hatred, fueled in large part by his bombastic style of talking. People had four years of braggadocio boasts and childish name-calling.

Trump also had an odd speech pattern. Trump was not versed in politician-speak. Trump retaliated verbally when he had been attacked. He became the Bully-in-Chief of the American playground. So, our hearts say do not vote for a person like this who can’t even address the citizens properly.

We now have a president who speaks nicely and with civility and says all the right words to make us feel warm and protected.

But that president has allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into our country. COVID and drugs are also flooding across the border. Biden’s calming platitudes are not handling this crisis.

We need our children back in school. President Biden is unable to achieve this. The teacher unions control that date. Trump was not beholden to the teacher unions.

Inflation. It’s starting. The prices of everything are rising significantly. The jobs numbers are a quarter of what had been expected. Not surprising since people are being disincentivized to work with money hand-outs.

In a perfect world, our president would speak “presidentially.” Hard to define, but we know it when we hear it. In an imperfect world, like the one we live in, I will choose presidential action over presidential speech any day of the week.

Midge Kennedy



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George Don Spruill

Midge, you said nicely what I’ve said harshly. Either way, we told the truth.

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