Would you believe I finally found something I agree with Kevin Foley! He said in his commentary “politics have gone off the rails” and I agree, but on his conclusion that conservative news outlets is the cause, I beg to differ.

Foley points to the Trump loss in 2020 and the conservative reaction to it as proof of his thesis. But wait what did liberals do for four years but try to remove Trump from office. What about all the vile comments by the liberal left? Have we forgotten the play that showed a severed head of Trump much to the glee of the liberal left. Have we forgotten the fall back position of all liberal democrats in accusing any who oppose them of being racist? Have we forgotten the riots that started on Trump’s inaugural day and continued for four years and applauded by the liberal left?

The “balanced reporting” of the main stream media is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the liberal left and has been for decades.

Liberals like Foley have no problem with these tactics when they are used for their cause. It’s only when conservatives use the liberal lefts tactics that they cry foul!

The hypocrisy of the liberal left has no end.

Jerry Burton



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George Don Spruill

Mr. Burton, I can add not a word to your brilliant letter.

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