Dear Editor:

I’m old enough to remember when the KKK terrorized both Black and white in the South. Then, J. Edgar Hoover, a FBI Director without a political agenda (except his own) had his agents infiltrate the KKK and bring them down.

Our current FBI, is as politicized as is humanly possible. Instead of infiltrating the criminal movements who burn, loot and destroy our cities and beat and murder citizens, they have wasted their time going after, mostly, peaceful protesters and a few rioters from Jan. 6. You think J. Edgar Hoover would have wasted Bureau manpower and time on that? He’d have told the criminals in the Biden Administration and the racist Democrat Party to pound sand.

Further, and more dangerous, is the fact that the Red Communist Chinese have infiltrated all parts of society without any Bureau attention.

When a book is written by an honest historian — in 50 years — about the fall of this country, the FBI’s failure will be a major reason.

Don Spruill



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