Why is it that we must throw ENORMOUS amounts of money at a huge bill that includes everything but the kitchen sink? A bill of 2,700 pages is just too ripe for corruption and mismanagement. Put me in for a couple of million for my pet project on page 1,598. Nobody will notice it, at least, not right away.

Here’s an idea ... how about an Airport Revitalization Act. It would include only items directly associated with ... airport revitalization — things like runway improvement, instrument landing systems, etc. What a novel idea! No extra goodies buried on page 987 for funding the Napa Valley Wine growers, no line item for gender studies at some university. Just airports ... that’s all.

Sure, we would need to pass several bills for roads and bridges, ports, etc. But again, each bill would only deal with the titled objective.

Look, if you want to have paid child care, that’s OK. Just don’t call it an infrastructure item, because it is not. Pass a bill for it, and it alone.

It’s time we put the genie back in the bottle. We don’t have the money to fund these giant pork barrel monstrosities. Our kids will thank us.

Ken Bolt



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George Don Spruill

Mr. Bolt, you obviously don't understand. The purpose of the gigantic, budget-busting, infrastructure bill was not for infrastructure at all. It should be known by its real name...the Green New Deal...the effort for the Socialistic (actually Communistic) Democrats to move us closer to Communism...the true love and purpose of today's Communist Democrat Party. It is estimated by non-Democrat members of Congress that only 10% of the bill actually deals with infrastructure. The Democrats, like the freedom-killing sharks that they are, smell blood in the water. With the presidency, the legislature, and a compliant judiciary, they believe that this is their best hope at transforming this country into the Soviet Russia or Red Communist China they long for. This is what happens when the electorate foolishly puts Communist Democrats in charge. Please, citizens, vote for any candidate except a Socialist Democrat. They will kill your freedoms...just like they are attempting to do at this time.

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