I would like to comment on the Foley editorial (5/21) on good faith in elections.

Regarding good faith, I would point out that in the 2000 elections Democrats filed suits in many Florida jurisdictions and appealed all the way to the Supreme Court even though the Secretary Of State confirmed the election for Bush. A number of audits were done in Florida and none of them found Al Gore the winner. Additionally, if Gore would have carried his own state of Tennessee, he would have been president and Florida would not have been an issue.

When we lived in California, our company produced many of the plastic parts used in the Florida system as well as in many other places. We used this system in California for years for all levels of elections and never had a “hanging chad” problem.

Additionally, the Democrats falsely called Trump an illegitimate president from the inception, and work constantly to discredit and remove him from office. Good faith is a two-way street.

Bruce Horacek



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George Don Spruill

Bruce, they’re Democrats. Cheating is like mother’s milk to them.

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