While driving near Dalton, I saw a Marine Corps recruiting billboard which showed the iconic flag-raising on Iwo Jima and the caption, “For our Nation, for us all.” It made me think of the COVID vaccination program. Part of the Marine Officer leadership training is that you would never ask any troops to do anything you would not do. Both the past President of the United States and the current President have had COVID vaccinations. It makes no sense why some individuals choose not to get a shot, especially when both leaders got vaccinated. If Georgia is such a great place to recruit Marines, why is it near the bottom of nearly all states in COVID vaccinations? Do they know more science in Vermont than we do? With the Marietta Rotary Club, we vaccinated 500 kids against polio, in the straw hut villages south of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and in India we did 700 kids. In Uganda, I saw the effects of polio. One lady’s legs were so crippled, her toes got caught in the wheelchair spokes and she could not use the wheelchair we gave her.

Before going, I went to the Cobb and Douglas Health Center and got every vaccination they would give me, including another polio shot, cholera, yellow fever, and malaria prophylaxis. I was glad to get it. We crossed the Nile, home of West Nile virus. We saw cases of cholera. In Gulu, Uganda, I saw the entire hospital leadership buried in the yard, all died from Ebola. In Honduras, I saw a woman who threw up worms. I saw a baby with microencephalies — a head the size of a tennis ball on a normal body, and that has been attributed to the zika virus. I have seen some of the worst places on earth. We in America live in a sanctuary on earth, but I am not sure everyone knows that. With respect to the free choice of my fellow Americans, I am not suggesting you join the Marines. But may I suggest you consider getting a COVID vaccine, “For our Nation. For Us All.”

Daniel F. Kirk



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George Don Spruill

Is this still America, Daniel Kirk… “The home of the free and the land of the brave.”? I got the Pfizer vaccination, as soon as it was available. I did it, because of my age and several health category issues. But, whether a person gets vaccinated or not is up to them. And, besides…stop equating this virus to polio and other truly dread diseases. When you do that, you sound like some of our dread political leaders…like the Demented One and the leader of the House, both of whom want to tell us what to do. They want to see 2 year olds in masks and children and other students take the vaccination. The latest information on the results of that is truly scary…myocarditis, etc. Stay in your lane, buddy. Take the shot, if you want to. Don’t criticize others for their personal decisions.

George Don Spruill

From a friend, with better information:

“ Answer to Daniel. Dear Daniel Kirk: Georgia is near the bottom of all the states in terms of numbers of its citizens who have gotten the shots because the shots DO NOT WORK per the medical science experts such as Dr. Richard Fleming and others. The shots do not provide immunity per the DNA analysis done by these scientists who are conversant and expert on these things. Perhaps the rest of the country should follow Georgia’s lead. The CDC located in Atlanta Georgia has repeatedly given out false information about Covid such as mask wearing. MASKs DO NOT WORK for a virus. There is NO MASK available that can block a virus. Viruses are just too small. (0.125 microns for Covid19). The smallest thing a mask will block is a bacterium at 3 to 5 microns. At a US House Committee hearing this weeks, Rep Rand Paul presented evidence to Anthony Fauci that he did in fact pay for and promote research to give common SARS virus the ability to infect the human respiratory system (Lungs etc.) and lied previously to congress that he did not do such a thing. Based on evidence contrary to Fauci’s lies, Rep Paul has now made a criminal referral to the DOJ on Fauci. If you would like a link to Dr. Fleming’s findings or the US House Hearing on Fauci’s criminal acts, I will happily supply them. Marines are really good at taking orders and getting things done. Marine leaders are good at leading so as not to place those under their command under undo dangers although sometimes the goals require risks be taken. This Covid19 situation is not one of those risks. Blindly following is NEVER a good path to take and most Americans who have taken their shots like good little Marines are just poorly informed. CDC, NIH and the Fouci’s of the world have seen to making us uniformed. Get informed Daniel before you hurt someone besides yourself.

Emery Leonard

PS, It is likely the things you saw in Africa were likely caused by experimental vaccines given there including Ebola per the research done by Drs. Judy Mikovits, Frank Ruscetti and others in 2009 that was suppressed by Anthony Fauci of NIH (NIAID division).”

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