MDJ columnist Foley’s article on June 3 is another example of intentionally misplaced blame. It’s an egregious foul for Democrats to deliberately mischaracterize certain guns. An AR-15 is not an “Assault Rifle/Weapon of War.” Civilians cannot own military (automatic) weapons, which defines an assault weapon. AR refers to the original manufacturer “Armalite,” not “Assault Rifle.” A single action, single-shot rifle is like any other. The AR-15 is simply an assault rifle/weapon lookalike — period! Blaming guns is like blaming the pencil used by the student to cheat on the final exam, like blaming the hammer for a misplaced nail, like blaming the car driven by the drunken driver who killed the innocent family ramming into their car. Really ...?

Any murder is unacceptable, no matter the method used. We do have many laws (many unenforced in blue cities) in place to help curb these instances. There are universal background check laws in place, but if you fail to feed the database the “red flag” information on these delinquents, it’s obviously ineffective. Place the “personal” responsibility where it belongs and work to identify these sociopaths early, which in most cases could and should have been done. Foley conveniently balked at the Chicago example but the inconvenient truth is, Chicago outlawed guns long ago and still is the gun murder capital of the US.

Nice try, though.

Murray Hansen



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Howard Peterson

You can call it a "nice try" but I will settle for "poor effort".......

Howard Peterson

Murray, THANKS for the explanation of what AR REALLY means!! That was needed BADLY so THANKS again!


If you want a real combat assault rifle you can get one in serviceable condition from the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program). The combat assault weapon you can get is the legendary M-1 Garand that was the main combat weapon from the 1930's to the early 1960's of the US military. It was used in combat from D-Day to Okinawa. It was also used in the Korean War and to a limited extent in the early years of the Vietnam War.

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