I haven’t decided if Kevin Foley says the things he says because he actually believes it or if he is just trying to get a reaction from the conservative readers of MDJ.

There is a saying going around that Conservatives make and Liberals take. This fits very well with Foley’s recent column, “In marketplace of ideas, GOP shelf is bare.” Like all liberals, Foley gives credit to Biden for things that Trump accomplished. He claimed Biden added 2 million jobs since taking office. He fails to tell us that these are just part of the jobs Trump’s economy created that the pandemic and the liberal mishandling lost. Foley gives credit to Biden for the decline in COVID deaths without recognizing the Trump administration for pushing for the vaccine. He gives credit for a “robust 6.4% growth in economy” which is just the rebound from the liberal shutdown of America. He points out the DOJ’s “political” lawsuit on Georgia’s voters rights without telling us this program is more liberal than Biden’s own state as well as many others.

These are just a few examples of the hypocrisy of the liberal Democrats that Foley thinks have better ideas. I guess what Foley is really saying, “Why do the work? Just take credit for what others do.” And then let your propaganda arm of the party (mainstream media) trumpet your fake accomplishments long and loud enough that the gullible will believe you.

Heaven help us!

Jerry Burton



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George Don Spruill

Jerry, thanks for “biting the bullet” and reading Foley. Knowing from past readings of his column that he’s a reliable Leftist and not worth my time reading his columns, I appreciate those conservatives who do and respond. You’re all heroes of mine.

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