Informing the current residents of Cobb County of previous fatal airplane crashes in Cobb County would seem to be an important thing. Those of us, who have lived in the county for decades, remember two such terrible occasions ... one in the 1960s, when a plane from Dobbins crashed into a home in Fair Oaks, resulting in the death of the pilot and eventual death of two elderly ladies. The other happened in the 1980s, I think ... an airplane crashed into an apartment complex off Windy Hill Road — I don’t remember the details of that crash, however, but I do remember that it was devastating to many.

Perhaps I remember the Fair Oaks crash most vividly, because I was working the afternoon shift in the operating room at Kennestone and we were involved with one of those elderly ladies who was brought to the OR every few days for dressing changes under anesthesia.

Please let all the citizens of Cobb County know that Lockheed and Dobbins know whereof they speak! Crashes don’t happen often, but when they do, they take a great toll!

Janice Newton Thurmond

Cobb County

Retired registered nurse


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George Don Spruill

Finally, a voice of knowledge about the Accident Protection Zone, as opposed to pure speculation about that concern being unnecessary. Meanwhile, the Cobb County Commissioners who are for building in this area make their point of telling us who is in charge now, rather than protecting citizens.

Mike Nelson

Knowledge and understanding is not in Lisa Cupid and her squad vocabulary. They are going to show they are in charge now. The damage they will do is coming. If you voted them in get ready to pay the price.

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