On July 22, I was blessed to be summoned by a historical person — Cobb County Sheriff Craig Owens, the county’s first black Sheriff. The meeting was somewhat historical as I had been in the Cobb County jail for 714 days at that time.

Not having prior knowledge of the meeting or even with whom I was meeting until chained and en route, I was not prepared to present the facts showing the injustices that I’ve encountered and witnessed. I was able to quickly discern that Sheriff Owens was not the average politician delivering a lot of campaign promises with no real effort toward making good on them. As I mentioned during our meeting, his being Sheriff is not good just because he is a Black man, but because he is a Black man with integrity.

Even though that was my first time ever meeting him, his being a man of integrity is proven in the fact of the changes for the better occurring within the county.

Is every staff’s words and actions perfect? No. Is there a flow of viable resources to help a pretrial detainee get free and stay free? No. Is every meal a delight and every corner pristine? No and no. As there are many questions that can receive a negative response. I am a witness that Sheriff Owens is working on changing the negatives into positives. I am still an inmate as of this writing, who is battling some great injustices and gross misconduct, so I definitely have no reason to falsely laud the Sheriff.

Sheriff Owens has made history, and continues to make history by correcting the errors of others.

Robert Hoard IV


Cobb County Detention Center


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Howard Peterson

Did you write this Mr. Hoard? Why has an intelligent person like yourself been in the Cobb County Jail for over 700 days? Something isn't adding up here.........

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