One of the glaring deficiencies that we have in our society should be obvious to every educated American: lack of diversity in thought and opinion (or viewpoint) in public education. Gov. DeSantis of Florida has signed a bill that every school in the state conduct a survey of their diversity in education.

One might think that in a country that cherishes freedom of speech, schools would encourage freedom of speech. However, that is not the case. The National Association of Scholars has presented many articles documenting the lack of diversity of viewpoints in our colleges and universities. You might ask, “How does this happen”?

Faculties are not diverse and inclusive. As Gov. DeSantis reports, colleges and universities have become “indoctrination” centers. Since the faculty interviews and recommends new faculty, they have not been faithful in hiring faculty of differing viewpoints. It is reported in a current law school that they have 120 faculty with two or three conservative instructors. This is the normal situation.

This situation is common in China and other authoritarian governments in the world. It is time that Gov. Kemp and the Legislature correct this problem in Georgia. Let’s truly become diverse and inclusive, and move away from authoritarianism!

Jim Cole



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