Dear Editor:

An open letter to the mayor and council of the City of Smyrna:

Some 30-plus years ago, Smyrna’s elected officials took a huge gamble to re-invent downtown Smyrna. The plan was professionally designed and beautifully executed. It eventually resulted in the lovely area we have today: the market village, city hall, library, community center, police and fire stations. It drew accolades and visits by officials from other small cities wishing to emulate its success. And what a success! It spurred rehabilitation and new development in every direction.

Included in this redevelopment was a well-designed roundabout that effectively moved traffic through that portion of downtown and served as the front door to the library and community center. Now our city officials want to destroy the roundabout and main entrances to those two buildings. For what? Additional green space? Replace a non-functioning fountain? Make downtown more pedestrian friendly? The village is already pedestrian friendly and this change may well make the restaurants and shops less accessible than they are now.

It only takes a glance at the proposed re-routing of King Street to raise serious questions about this plan (with or without the possible brewery). Cars stopped in traffic or at a stop sign are still emitting polluting fumes while going nowhere. Traffic circles have long been used in Europe and are increasingly appearing in the U.S. including Cobb County. Why on earth would Smyrna eliminate one?

I sincerely hope that each of you will take a long, hard look at this proposal and reverse this decision before any contracts are signed. There is simply nothing about this proposal that will improve downtown Smyrna.

Allen Potter



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MaryLou Stephens

Congrats to the Marietta Council for appointing Former Mayor Dunaway to the Development Authority. Thankfully the "more than qualified" person has been chosen for this term. To “change the way of doing things in the future” is fine. However, trying to prevent Bill Dunaway from accepting this appointment, would have been a disservice to him and the citizens via a political move but not representative of a fair city council. Mr. Dunaway remains extremely active and up-to-date in Marietta. He consistently works to help keep and upgrade our award winning Marietta.

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