Dear Editor:

Each morning I make it my business to go to the Square or Publix to buy a newspaper. It is the choice I’ve made despite the availability of other ways to get my puzzles.

Anyway, I do read the editorials most times and continue to be in awe of columnist Bob Barr’s opinions, hoping against all hope that my local friends, neighbors and countrymen do not agree with his astounding accusations. Anyone who can rationalize that the Jan. 6 attacks were anything but crimes against our Congress, but most importantly our police force, is not seeing the truth. You are intelligent people but it breaks my heart to believe that this abomination is anything but a form of terrorism.

I wish I could understand both sides of this morality. I guess I just have to cling to my puzzles and trips to the square for consolation.

Peggy Filipovits



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George Don Spruill

Understanding what actually happened on January 6 begins with watching broadcast media that tells the truth. If you watch CNN, MSNBC, and the alphabet networks, you are a party to your own misinformation. Use you head and turn those liars off.

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