Get out your crayons, boys and girls. Political pundits ponderously pontificate that following the Nov. 3 elections, Cobb County will be red or blue or perhaps even some shade of purple. (In the case of the latter, I lean toward a nice mauve. I don’t know about you but carbazole violet is a bit too harsh for my taste.)

I think what the political pundits are trying to ponderously pontificate to We the Unwashed is that some or all of the county’s governing bodies could become a Democratic majority for the first time since Kennesaw Mountain was a hummock. It seems the Democrats (They are the Blue Team) have made significant strides in our county over the past two elections.

As you will recall, Hillary Clinton carried Cobb County in 2016, and in 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams beat Republican and eventual winner Brian Kemp by nearly 10%.

As for the Republicans (They are the Red Team), those results should have resulted in a wake-up call by now and an assumption that they have gotten their act together. To do that, however, they need to agree that the enemy is the Blue Team, not each other. It would help also if they quit jerking around public schoolteachers who are tired of hearing how bad their schools are. I am tired of hearing it, too.

An aside: Maybe Cobb County School Board members could take a few moments from their peacock-strutting efforts to produce self-serving resolutions and defend their schools and those who teach in them. I could use the help.

Far be it for me, your humble scribe, to question the pondering pontifications of political pundits but I find it a bit strange that the governance of our county should be determined by the results of the presidential election.

What we should be looking at is what kind of county will we have as a result of the local elections. By most any measure, Cobb County is head and shoulders above our neighbors. I take umbrage at the blathering of local Democrats as to how Cobb County was “born of white flight out of the ’70s and ’80s” and to make their point, they misquote an old white guy, author William Faulkner.

As I observed earlier, Cobb County has been progressive enough to have just elected two Black Superior Court judges, to have had a not-so-old white guy in the governor’s office appoint an outstanding Black female as our district attorney and for the county commission to have selected a Black female as county manager.

If the “white flight” argument is the best reason the Blue Team can trot out as to why we need to turn over the reins of county governance to them, they are a one-trick pony that needs to ride off into the sunset and take a copy of Faulkner’s “Requiem for a Nun” with them.

What we want and expect is for those in our government as all levels to respond to us when we have a problem, no matter what party is in power and no matter what their political ideology. Whether it is in Washington or on Cherokee Street, good constituent service can get you reelected. Poor service can get you beaten.

In my long years of dealing with politics and politicians, I have seen the best and worst of constituent services. No one ever topped our own recently retired Sen. Johnny Isakson. His office had a well-deserved reputation for outstanding constituent service.

I recently had need to resolve a Social Security problem on behalf of the Woman Who Shares My Name. I contacted Rep. Barry Loudermilk’s office and got the matter quickly resolved. I’m not sure where the congressman stands on a number of the burning issues that dominate the national stage these days. All I know is that when I needed help, his staff delivered. That is how you stay in office.

The few times I have had to call Cobb County, I have been impressed someone answered the phone and gave me the help or information I have needed. Last week, for example, we were suddenly without water at our house. I called a number listed on the county’s website. A man answered promptly, told me that had been a waterline break in the neighborhood and that it should be repaired in the next two hours. (It was.) Try that in Malfunction Junction. Of course, their sewers don’t work anyway so why bother to call?

Whether we decide to color Cobb County red or blue or purple, let us not forget why we are electing this people. They are there to serve us. Save charges of Russian collusion or William Faulkner’s opinions on white flight for the political pundits to ponderously pontificate. If we elect you, you had better be there when we need you. Otherwise, we will color you gone.

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