We the People of the United States of America, like the Biblical Esau, are careless with our birthright. At least Esau got a pot of beans for his birthright. We are giving ours away by doing nothing.

Read the full text of the Constitution. Our rights and freedoms come with responsibilities, one of which is to vote. A large percentage of our citizens feel voting doesn’t matter. But if voting doesn’t matter, why are so many politicians working around the clock to suppress it?

We allow politicians to interpret the Constitution for us, and too many of them use it to promote their own agendas, not ours. If we are to meet our responsibility at the ballot box, we must arm ourselves with reliable information and stop voting our fears and prejudices. That takes determination, hard work, and an extremely high tolerance for nonsense. But trust me, democracy is worth the effort.

When the framers put together the Constitution, I being a woman, would not even have been counted as a person. But the Constitution has evolved into an amazing document. We the People means all of us. We are sovereign. Do we really want to throw that away? There will be no white knights riding to reclaim our birthright for us. We the People have to do it ourselves, and that means getting involved. The first step to getting involved is to vote.

Clyde Ussery



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Howard Peterson

Explain yourself!! Just how is voting being suppressed round the clock by politicians?? Go back to XiNN. They will tell you everything your liberal mind wants to hear.

Roy Kellett

I am sure you know we are a Republic not a democracy.

Allie Bradford

I agree with the other commenter. How is your vote, or anyone else's, being suppressed? None of you seem able to answer that.

Betty Aston

I can answer. When a Board is appointed and they are allowed to overthrow votes, that is suppression! Read the new Bill signed by Kemp.

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