Why are vaccinated people so obsessed with unvaccinated people? If the vaccine works, why do you care if others are not vaccinated? If it does not work, why are you demanding that others take it? Reports of deaths from hospitals were manipulated because of financial incentives. The vast, vast majority of deaths from COVID are elderly and the infirm, almost always with a secondary illness or co-morbidity.

I personally know over a dozen people who had COVID and recovered – no hospital for any of them. Each said it was like a flu, some cases bad, others not so. Why should those who have recovered naturally from COVID get the vaccine? They are better off without it to fight off any variants. The whole push towards mandatory vaccination and passports has become too politicized and too overlapped with other control agendas.

Daniel Boffey



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George Don Spruill

I heard some commentator say that, of the very vulnerable — the elderly, over 90% got vaccinated. I got vaccinated. Whether anyone else does or not is their decision. Is this America or Red China? When the Salk vaccine became available for polio, we could take it or not…and it was a deadly crippling disease. I took it. I’m guessing some didn’t. So, please, you on the Left. Shut the heck up!

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