Fighting COVID requires a team effort. There exists no partnership between the American people and their government in this fight. It will not make the list of the Top Teams in history (such as Apollo 13, the U.S. Olympic Men’s Hockey team, etc.) that fought a worthy challenge and prevailed. We inspire no one. The policies stupefy most of us.

By failing to provide Americans with empirical scientific data, the government has purposefully removed our ability to make an informed choice about getting vaccinated.

Here is some of the conflicting “science’:”Wear a mask — don’t wear a mask because they are not effective — Wear two masks said Dr. Fauci. Get vaccinated if you’re over a certain age — forget age, everyone needs to be vaccinated. Children have very low risk from COVID — Children older than 12 need to get vaccinated – The teachers now say they want all children vaccinated. If you’ve been vaccinated, you are free to resume your life — Actually, no, with a new variant you have to mask up, even when indoors — If you’ve been vaccinated the new variant won’t put you in the hospital, it won’t kill you. Our heads are spinning.

And, yes, we are in uncharted waters with this coronavirus and as the science changes so should the mandates. However, is it science dictating the differing policies with each state, school, employer? This flip-flopping fish is stinking of politics being the real driving force for Team USA.

Notwithstanding the administration’s motives, how are any of these measures supportable when illegal aliens are pouring over our border and being transported all over the country with an unknown number of them bringing in COVID? The president is constantly admonishing the American people to get vaccinated – all the while he is holding open the back door and ushering in more and more COVID cases. From January to June, 1.1 million illegals have come into our country. That number would create the 10th largest city in the US, while exceeding the total populations of nine of our states! Estimates show this number increasing to 2.3 million by the end of the year. That number of illegal aliens, if comprising their own city, would surpass Houston as the 4th most populous city in the US. And this is just Year 1.

If this isn’t the definition of insanity, what is?

Midge Kennedy



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George Don Spruill

Midge Kennedy, you made an excellent case. I applaud you!

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