A front-page headline in the 5-27-21 MDJ states: “Defiant Cupid rebukes Cobb Chamber.” I know print media is under great pressure to maintain customers, but this headline seemed unfair and inaccurate. It immediately slanted the reader against Commissioner Cupid. One may disagree with her, have disgust for her party affiliation, or even dislike her personally, but after reading the article and the situation to which it applied, I do not find her defiant. Defiant by definition means failure to obey. That implies she has rejected some authority over her as Chair of the Board of Commissioners. Only the voters and the Constitution have such authority, not the Chamber, not Dobbins AFB, not Mr. Loud.

What is at issue here is the Constitutional right of a property owner to free alienability of the owner’s property and the right of government to restrict its use. The Constitution does not prohibit all restrictions imposed by a government (such as zoning laws), but they must be reasonable and due process afforded to those involved, otherwise just compensation must be paid.

A majority of the Commissioners (not just Mrs. Cupid) voted to allow the project proposed by the owner and the owner’s purchaser. Whether that was a good decision I do not know, but it followed the legal process. Seems now there is concern it might adversely affect the continued operation of Dobbins AFB. That is no small concern for if Dobbins goes so may Lockheed.

There are fair arguments on both sides of the matter. It seems the choices now are to appeal, let the development occur, or pay the owner just compensation. But to attack the Chair personally even to the extent of accusing her of losing the All-Star game does more harm than good. And, if accurate, the statement attributed to Mr. Loud that “We’re not asking for folks to change their vote,” is beyond belief as that is exactly what is being asked. It may very well be OK to ask that, but don’t tell citizens you are not.

Robert J. Grayson



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George Don Spruill

But nobody is protesting Cupid’s right to make a decision. Forget who made the decision to approve it. Are the units in the APZ (Accident Protection Zone) for Dobbins or not?

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