What goes on behind closed doors in national government is so deep, and often dark, the average citizen can’t comprehend it. I will readily acknowledge I can’t, however, what is happening finds an example in what has happened. If an outline of the overall Watergate experience was made and the names of the characters in that era were replaced by those of the current events, the pattern fits.

The means to the end of control of the nation is the development of a fourth branch of government consisting of unelected officials to run the government. It is a massive bureaucracy currently known as the Swamp or the deep state. Thus, rule making replaces lawmaking. The plan was staffed and awaiting one more president to more fully implement it. Enter stage right, the disrupting villain — Donald Trump. His pledge to drain the swamp was code language for reversal of the bureaucratically administered government. The removal of hundreds of government regulations put in place by the stealth government was highly resented. Trump had to be stopped.

Right before Watergate, President Nixon won the presidency by a landslide. He posed a roadblock in the development of a bureaucratically run government. His popularity was so high, the opposition realized they could not defeat him politically, so they had to save the nation by removing him legally. The means of getting rid of him was put in place in 1978 by the Ethics in Government Act, which provided for an Independent Counsel statute. Through that door entered Robert Muller with his new hammer: Russian collusion. When you have a new hammer, everything looks like a nail. This was the needed scandal.

Unintentionally, Nixon’s aides gave them their scandal, which was used to legally remove him. There was no ideal scandal to make Trump vulnerable so one had to be invented: Russian collusion.

In both instances, the agency through which to facilitate the removal was the Department of Justice with aid from the FBI and CIA. The technique was the same in Watergate and now in the Russia probe. The agencies leaked unsubstantiated information to the press that in general has carried out an extensive misinformation campaign.

When a disruptive president comes along who threatens the unelected, powerful bureaucratic movement, he has to be removed. President Trump was elected on the basis of his philosophy, not his personality. Both Nixon and Trump possessed flawed character.

Millions of people who do not like many things about President Trump do support his philosophy of government and results thereof.

Now that it appears the conspiracy theory has failed to be a fatal flaw for the president, extensive efforts are to be made to discredit Attorney General Barr because he has said he is going to investigate the investigators. There are a lot of high-ranking people who stand to be incriminated and exposed. Their shield is to discredit Barr by falsely accusing him. If he stands, a lot of people are likely to fall. Barr has already been and will be slandered, falsely accused and maligned. Hopefully, the public has caught on to the strategy and he can survive.

A sad aside to this is most of the world develops an opinion of America and our government on the basis of how CNN, their only source, represents it.

Every time I pray the phrase from the Model Prayer, “thy will be done on earth as in heaven,” I have our government in mind. Please join me.

The Rev. Nelson Price is pastor emeritus of Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta.